Avoiding photos being cropped when printing

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This is my first time on this Forum. When looking through this Forum I get the hopefully incorrect impression that, given the often 'high-brow'-language used, that to participate in the discussions one needs to have programmer knowledge? I am a hobby photographer living in Belgium and have no programmer capabilities. I tried for some time to work with the trial version of Qimage and this proved to be far from easy! I nevertheless just purchased the Professional edition. I use a Sony Alpha 700 and a Canon MP800R printer. (I expect a new Epson 3800 to be delivered soon) My first problem I hope this Forum will help to solve is:
When printing in Qimage my photos are being cropped at the right and bottom side. When printing on Canon 4 x 6 inch paper, the View Print Queue tells me that my photo has a size of 4,00 x 6,01 in (102 x 153 mm) and the Preview page shows that the paper I am going to print on is 4,003 x 6,006 in (101,6 x 152,5 mm). I would expect that my photo will almost fit the paper with very little cropping. However the cropping is far more than I consider acceptable. When cropping is necessary I will determine myself what to crop away and do not want to leave this to the printer or software.
What can I do to avoid unwanted cropping when printing in Qimage?
Thanks for your help!

Fred A:

I get the hopefully incorrect impression that, given the often 'high-brow'-language used,

No high brow from me, that's for sure.
Let's work this out.
I am not familiar with that Canon printer except that it is a combination scanner, copier, and printer.
So let's start with some basics.
You are using Canon 4 x 6 paper.
The next question is: will you accept some margins around your prints or are you trying for borderless; I don't know if that Canon model does borderless.
So let's assume for the sake of making progress that you want to print an image as large as you can without cropping.
Telling the printer driver that you are using 4 x 6 paper should yield a report above the top right preview panel that tells you the printable area of that paper.
See snap 24.
It is saying that the printable area on that size paper is 5.685 x 3.73 inches
Therefore if you ask for a 4 x 6 size print, it will not fit in the aforementioned space.
So we tell Qimage  (CUSTOM FIT TO PAGE) that we want to fill the printable area,
Here's the crop part. Turn off the crop scissors located below. See snap 25.
Now add your image.
If the camera produces a 3:2 image it will fit the paper. If the camera produces a 4:3 image, then it will not fit a 4 x 6 ratio, so you will have to have white spaces on the 6" sides of the print.
If you turn on the crop scissors, Qimage will crop some some the shorter side until the longer side fills the space.
One last comment. The print size shown in the View Print Queue, lower left, is the size print that Qimage is sending to the printer.

Let me stop here and see if I am on the right track.


What size are your originals or have you not resized/cropped them from the camera?

If you want exact 4x6 (bleed on 4x6) crop them in the full page editor.  Set your printer to print to edges.  Do that in the printer setup (the left of the two printer icons at the top of the screen) so QImage knows what you are up to.

Fred and Seth,
Thank you for helping me out to solve this print size problem. Although I understand more than before I still have a misunderstanding:
Say my photo shows a size in the View queue of 5,69 x 3,73" and to accomodate this size I put in the print driver a paper size of 7 x 5". In the view page it now tells me that the available paper size is 6,685 x 4,731" which should be ample space to print the photo without any cropping. When I put in Print Properties the 7 x 5" paper size there should be no cropping necessary because the paper to print on is larger than the photo to be printed. But no so. When Auto cropping is on part of the image is being cropped; when "off" I get the complete photo but the print does not fill the complete paper but shows white parts left and right. Why is there auto cropping possible?
I would like to print my photos in such a way that no part is cropped away and that it shows a border of equal sizes around the photo.
Can this be accomplished?
Thanks for your help,

Fred A:

I would like to print my photos in such a way that no part is cropped away and that it shows a border of equal sizes around the photo.

Ok, we arrived at the point where we can see what you want, and try to explain why it is possible only under certain circumstances.
If you examine, from my earlier post showing the yellow rose, you can see the white space which is what you wish to avoid, yet no part of the image cropped.

You must visualize the size of the paper. A 4 x 6 paper is suited for an image that has a 3:2 (or 4 x 6, same thing) length to width ratio.
If you change to use 8 x 10 paper, you can easily understand that 8 x 10 is really a 5:4 ratio of length x width.
Your 3:2 image will not neatly fit that size print. Cropping will be necessary to make your image fit a 5:4 ratio.

In your example, you should set your print size to 4 x 6 (you said you changed Print Properties to 5 x 7) even though you have 5 x 7 paper. crop off, and you will get a non cropped print.
Once you tell Qimage that you want a 5 x 7 print, you are back to where you were with the 4 x 6.
Can you tell me what the resolution of your images are? Then I will know the image size and aspect ratio, and can advise more precisely.
If your print size is 4 x 6, crop off, and you print to 5 x 7 paper, other than trimming the excess around your print, that should give you what you want.


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