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Title: Listen and Learn Jose` Rodriguez
Post by: Fred A on March 27, 2017, 03:06:11 PM
Hello all,
Just wanted to tell you folks about a Youtube series on printing and printers by Jose` Rodriguez.
I have been a subscriber for many moons, and I was thinking of how much I enjoyed his talks and how much I learn from his talks.
Jose` is a 'hands on" blue collar kind of guy, and rarely spouts rhetoric.
He has many printers, (a hobby) and many ink sources, paper types and loves to dabble for you.
You can ask him questions about the paper or ink you are using, your printer, and he will likely know what to advise.

 I really like to print, and I've learned a lot from his experiments and reports......

So if you would like to hear  a 10 minute  talk on printing every few days, try