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Title: Printing from LR using Qimage
Post by: Muizen on October 25, 2009, 08:49:01 AM
I never managed using my former printer Canon MP800R, to print a 100% correct color photo from LR. There always was a magenta cast and even a high level print specialist could not solve this problem. I now have purchased an Epson pro 3800 and for the first time got the perfect print out of LR! I based the Epson driver settings on a threat by Cem_Usakligil dated Sep 07, 2008 who's advise was to set the Epson driver as  follows:
1. Instead of selecting "No color Adjustments", set Mode to Custom|ICM. 2. Click Advanced... 3. Check "Show all profiles". 4. Select "Driver ICM (Advanced)".       5. Set *both* the "Input profile" and the "Printer profiile" fields to the very same profile that you specified in LR. This has the actually the same effect as disabling color management in the driver (what "No Color Adjustments" should normally take care of)
The author feels that the bug (that causes color shifts and dark prints) is on the LightRoom side, because this problem does not show in Qimage.
The above settings developed by Cem_Usakligil , although very effective, are somewhat special (?), esp. putting a paper profile in the input profile.
I have two questions:
1) If I want to print from LR using Qimage can I get the same excellent print quality by using the above Epson driver settings?
2) If the print quality printing directly from LR is fine, what would the advantage be of using Qimage in combination with LR (which is also more complicated because one would first have to export the LR file)?

Title: Re: Printing from LR using Qimage
Post by: Fred A on October 25, 2009, 10:09:56 AM
I cannot imagine why one needs all the Mumbo Jumbo to make priints from an Epson 3800.
I have 2 friends that have the 3800 and other than no roll paper allowed, they love them and get great prints.
Just a few things to follow.
Download (or perhaps they are on your install disk) the latest free printer profiles for your printer from Epson.
Using your choice of Epson paper..............
In Qimage, click on EDIT and Preferences, and Color management.
Next, put a check in enable color management. Then click the button to the right that has the elipsis (dots), and locate the correct printer profile to match the paper you are using.
Select it and Open.
Now we go to the driver.
The settings for the driver are described and designed by the profile and by who and how it was made.
In my experience Epson wants the driver set to NCA No color adjustment or No Color management.
The correct paper must be chosen in the list, and quality should be reasonable as you like.
Set to Quality (and Fine detail on if you want 720 ppi input).
That's it..... SAVE all of it, by clicking FILE SAVE, click the P button for printer, and give that setup a name.  (3800 Epson Luster 8.5 x 11) for example.
You can do the same with other Epson papers and other paper sizes.

Just for the record and the follow through.... I have Ilford papers and Ilford supplied printer profiles for my printer that require the driver to use semi glass paper settings even when the paper is Smooth Gloss.  The point is that the Ilford profile dictates the settings as does the Epson profile.

You will get great prints!!


Title: Re: Printing from LR using Qimage
Post by: Fred A on October 25, 2009, 10:29:54 AM
I don't know if it is poor form to reply to one's self, but I found what you need to help you get up and running.

According to the article from Luminous Landscape, the profiles come on your disk.
The tricky part is that they look like this:  See screen snap.
The author went on to say that the UK Epson profiles have better descriptive names.
Maybe this will help.

Title: Re: Printing from LR using Qimage
Post by: ed_k on October 25, 2009, 01:03:50 PM
I have a 3800 and print from QImage basically as described by Fred. I don't see any advantage (to the contrary) of printing via LR, PS or any other program. Why add an additional (unnecessary) element like LR in the process. It can't help in any way; just adds another potential point of failure. Simply open QI, follow Fred's instructions (key are using the correct profile for the desired paper, enabling color management in QI using the aforementioned *correct profile*, and turning off color correction in the 3800's driver). Bang - perfect prints every time.

This past week a friend, who's a painter and sells Giclee prints of his work (using the Giclee Factory in Canada as his printer), asked me how the 3800 compares to Giclee Factory's prints. He provided a copy of a file that GF had used, I created a print as described above, and nailed it perfectly on the first try. GF works with the artist via sample proofs before doing a production run. For this particular image it took two back & forths to get it right (the artist basically had to add a blue cast to his original version in order to get the GF print to not have a slight yellow cast). Now my friend wants me to make his prints (haven't decided yet).

Apart from the unlikely case of a defective 3800, if you accurately follow Fred's instructions and still have a color cast then most likely the problem lies with the profile (or the calibration of your gear such as the monitor). It's not an inherent "feature" of the 3800. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Title: Re: Printing from LR using Qimage
Post by: Fred A on October 25, 2009, 01:53:00 PM
I don't see any advantage (to the contrary) of printing via LR, PS or any other program.

Thank you Ed, K
You are so right! I usually tone done trying to explain why you should let Qimage do the interpolation... (because it's the best!)... because so many LR users and PS users are determined to argue the point.
Qimage will interpolate every time you go to print. If you did something that called for interpolation in LR, then you will be double interpolating.... not an advantageous method of achieving the best prints.

Title: Re: Printing from LR using Qimage
Post by: Muizen on October 25, 2009, 01:55:44 PM
I followed your suggestions and, as you predicted, got fine prints! Thanks for your patience!
Since I use LightRoom for archiving and post processing (to my satistaction) I believe it (perhaps incorrectly) to be logical to use the print capacity of LR.
I just purchased QI (pro) and I am still learning to use it. There must be an advantage to using QI following pp in LR for printing and I just would like to find out what the advantage(s) is and how to best organize my printing from LR through QI.
When being in LR and I want to print in QI I go to "Photo - Edit in QI - Edit copy with LR Adjustments" - this will open a Tif file (in ProPhoto RGB) in QI which I then use for printing in QI.
Thanks for helping me!

Title: Re: Printing from LR using Qimage
Post by: mrphotobob on February 09, 2010, 02:44:39 PM
Thanks Harry
It was really getting on my nerves trying to figure out how to take my images straight to Qimage and print in Qimage.  I was always having to save my images to a different directory and then go and open Qimage to print it.
Thanks for the little tip.