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Title: Question about Canvas and Vinyl
Post by: BackdropJunction on March 13, 2012, 03:08:24 AM
Hi folks couple quick questions.

One, I have a client who wants a backdrop done on canvas.  It will be 27' long and maybe 36" tall so a long print job but I know QU and the 9900 are up to it.  First, he wants to order on Canvas specifically because he will be taking it up and down and believes canvas is tougher.  He intends to have me leave a border which he will use for attaching to the wall behind his railroad layout.  Seasonally he will remove and replace the print.  So, is canvas a material that can be rolled up and put away on a repeated basis without having a problem?

Second, has anyone had any experience with the new Epson Adhesive Synthetic?  I have been using Inkpress Adhesive Vinyl for many of my jobs but the Epson stuff is significantly cheaper.  Epson usually makes a great product but this will not be behind glass and likely will not receive a spray laquer treatment so I am wondering about the long term quality of the colors.

The Inkjet Vinyl was on my truck for six months and did not bubble, tear, fade, or otherwise look different from the day it was printed so I am pretty happy with their product.