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Title: What papers for Head alignment?
Post by: sectionq on July 30, 2011, 01:21:35 PM
Hello again everyone,

I'd like to do a head alignment on my epson 7900, what paper can I use. Epson gives three recommendations but I don't have any of these papers, as I exclusively print on canvas, I don't really fancy buying a pack of paper that I'm not going to use. Would it be a bad idea to align the heads using canvas seeing as this is what I use or would the texture be a problem? It's also not epson paper either although I know all the correct settings for this paper of course.

I'm still having problems getting a neutral print on matte papers (I've tried epson water colour and different canvas), photo paper seems to be ok with photo black. The only check that I haven't done is align the heads, not sure if that would make any difference but I should probably do it anyway.

Thanks in advance.


Title: Re: What papers for Head alignment?
Post by: rayw on July 30, 2011, 09:30:09 PM
Hi Jamie,

I would not try it on canvas, there will be no precision. Ordinary multipurpose copier/inkjet paper will do. Although the heads should be aligned, it is unlikely to cause your problems. If you've not done so, if you can spend the time watch/listen to the link I mentioned here http://ddisoftware.com/tech/printers/print-too-dark-turn-on-another-light/ . Basically, as I've mentioned many times before - set your monitor/display white point to match your canvas.

Best wishes,


Title: Re: What papers for Head alignment?
Post by: sectionq on July 31, 2011, 09:34:43 AM
Thanks Ray,

I thought the texture might be a problem, I've got some other epson trial paper so I'll use some of that so at least I can get the media settings right.

As for the link, watched it the other day, was quite good. Although I haven't had problems with dark prints since I first got the printer and had to figure all that out. My lcd brightness always sits at about 20% and that does the job pretty well. The problem was that the printer isn't capable of a neutral print in abw mode on canvas, b and w in rgb mode is fine as I have a good profile but that's not the point. Anyway, I'm getting an abw profile made up which is why I wanted to align the head to make sure everything was bang on for printing the target. Hopefully that should sort the problem out, spoke to the profiling guy and he seemed quite confident.

Thanks again.