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Author Topic: Canon Pixma Pro-100S Cleaning Cycles  (Read 6734 times)
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« Reply #60 on: August 21, 2018, 09:37:29 PM »

I have uploaded the latest version of the spreadsheet.  There is no new data.  I just wanted to tidy it up by adding a Key, and some tables which analyse the data.

I noticed a slight error in the colour code on the last update, which I also fixed.

The tables below all the recorded data are as follows:

On far left there are 2 small tables which just calculate average ink purged for various purge types.
Table A is a cartridge summary calculation of Full, Empty, Usable and unused ink.
Table B is a snapshot of data related to the ink monitor at the point it transitions from 70% empty to 80% empty.
Table C is the actual ink levels at the time the Low Warning is displayed, which coincides with the transition to 90% empty.

I was trying to determine how accurate the ink monitor was at low ink levels.  See my other thread on this topic.
It's been a while since I included a link to the spreadsheet so to save you looking, here it is again:

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« Reply #61 on: October 05, 2018, 07:52:57 PM »

I know I said I did not intend testing the 480 hour timer.  However, it was an itch that needed to be scratched.  Not so much to know the value of the timer or even the volume of ink purged.  I really wanted to know what happens if the 480 hour timer expires and a normal manual purge is performed before a print job is sent to the printer.  Could we fool the system into ignoring the 480 hour timer, which results in a deep purge, by simply doing a medium level manual purge?

Unfortunately the answer is; “No”.  If the 480 hour timer has expired, and a normal purge is requested, the printer actually does a deep purge and resets the purge timer.

Before I started these long duration tests I rechecked my recollection of the Canon Pro 100S printer manual, which states on page 268:
“We recommend you use the printer at least once a month”

What I do is print what ever I have ready in the period before the 120 hour purge timer expires, which means there will be no purge for these prints.  I then hold any further prints until I am ready to accept the pending purge.  So my first test was to test that the 480 Hr timer did exist and how much ink was purged.  This period started on 23rd Aug and ended on 12th Sept.  Hence I was able to print until 28th Aug without initiating a purge.  The period of time without printing was 15 days, well under the month recommended by Canon.  I concluded the test period in my usual way, by sending a page feed to the printer to force the purge and then did a Nozzle Check

My second test period was from 12th Sept until 4th Oct.  ie.  22 days.  This time the period without printing was 17 days.  Again, very safe.  This time I concluded the test period with a “Normal Manual Clean” followed by a Nozzle Check.

Both Nozzle Checks were fine.

Of course I weighed the cartridges before and after each purge.

The fist test gave a total purge of 3.63g or an average of 0.45g per cart.
The second test gave a total purge of 3.49g or an average of 0.44g per cart.

I have updated the SDLs and also uploaded the latest ink usage spreadsheet.

Here is a summary of the Pro-100S cleaning modes and amount of ink purged.  The values have been rounded up, to give one decimal place:

1.   Timer 1 cleaning (ie. 120 hours):  Total ink purged, both groups at once = 1.8g
2.   Timer 2 cleaning (ie 480 hours): Total ink purged, both groups at once = 3.6g
3.   Manual Clean: Total ink purged, both groups at once  = 2.2g
4.   Deep (Manual) Clean: Total ink purged, both groups at once  = 3.6g
5.   Ink Tank Replacement: Total ink purged, both groups at once = 2.2g

There are other modes, but they tend to be rare. (eg. replace a printhead)

As mentioned in a previous post, a single group purge is less efficient than purging both groups at once.

For item 5, any one of the ink carts in a group need to be out of the printer for 60s or longer, since the last purge, to initiate the new purge.  You may think that the 4 carts on the left of the printer represent one group but that is not the case.  Group 1 is: PC, M, Y, and PM.  Group 2 is: C, Blk, LGY and GY.  If you look under the printer cover you will see the carts from left to right are: M, PC, Y, Blk, GY, PM, LGY and C.

The labels I use in the SDLs for different levels of purge are: Low, Medium and High, and the action always refers to a group.  The test results indicate that the volume of ink purged across the 2 groups is evenly distributed.  Hence we can just halve the above figures to determine the ink purged in a group.  Consequently Low, Medium and High can now be defined as 0.9g, 1.1g and 1.8g respectively.  As stated in an earlier post, 1g can be assumed to be approximately 1ml.
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« Reply #62 on: October 08, 2018, 12:51:42 PM »

... still at it I see  Grin Grin Grin

Thank you !
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