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Title: Challenge # 75 Another Trip to Scary ODR-Land
Post by: Fred A on March 09, 2017, 03:24:58 PM
                        Home, Home on the Dynamic Range, Where the Detail and Optimal Roam...

Ok, since, by checking on the number of views of the previous  ODR challenge, # 68, one can see it is a topic many find interesting.
Time for second visit.

This time, we will try to demonstrate the real inner guts of ODR, and how to take charge of ODR and your image.

** Again I must point out that ODR, Optimal Dynamic Range, is a tool. It is not guaranteed to improve every image.
But, by using the wonderful built in A/B screens, you can compare LIVE views of your image with and without; or with different locations of the ODR box placements.

Ok let's practice with some old images, and show some screen shots on here.

Enjoy the video and remember to make it full screen for a good HD look.