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Title: Challenge #78 Cut it out, Will Ya!
Post by: Fred A on May 21, 2017, 04:56:03 PM
                                                 Using Cutouts in Qimage Ultimate with good reason

Many of us, like me, used to consider the shapes and designs of cutouts to be "cute" at best.
If you like to shoot pictures and print pictures like I do, and encounter some jumbly, and busy backgrounds, I fix a lot of them using cutouts.
I would rather do this than make Mutant Images from planet Rura Penthe with borrowed moons and skies and backgrounds from other worlds. (Tip of the cap to Star Trek VI).
These shots below are a bit too crowded and busy to be used for a good print.
Let's see if we can fix them in QU

Remember to make the video full screen to see good HD