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Title: Profile Prism for sublamation printing
Post by: Ryan_S on May 14, 2019, 04:07:11 AM
has any one tried using the profile prism for sublimation printing? I am in the dark on how the software works, would I be able to scan a sublimation on to a fabric and make a icc profile?
*back story- converted a old Epson 7600 to sublimation ink, the bill akanson profile worked great printing on luster paper. since converting to sublimation the magenta seems to be missing in the transfers and every thing has a yellow tint to it.
now I am new to wide format printing, and to photo printing. so, I can be doing some thing wrong... and I am know to be kind of  ignorant. I'm not experienced enough on how to make color corrections my self.
the press is a geo knight and I pressing for 40 second @ 400 degree using infuzed paper from lexjet
and the ink is from ink owl.