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Title: Feature request: Measurement options in print to file dialogue
Post by: digipixel on October 07, 2009, 10:00:06 AM
Hi Mike

Still very happily using Qimage in the studio here, hope you are well.

I mentioned ages ago if it would be possible to have a button to change the metric/imperial meaurement in the print to file dialogue box. I'm often going from A4 to 5x7" and similar and have to use 4 clicks to get out, change from imp/met  (because I can never remember what 5x7" is in millimetres), then go back again to choose my output size, I'd LOVE a little button right there in the dialogue box that would save me having to do that!!

Lazy, I know...but it would give me another year before the RSI kicks in!!  :-)

Thanks again for a great program that's paid for itself many times over...