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Author Topic: "Watched folder" for tethered camera link?  (Read 522 times)
Ernst Dinkla
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« on: June 27, 2017, 06:09:02 AM »

I have searched the forum for tethered and watched folder but the few hits were from 2008/9 and do not have the answers I looked for. Would it be possible to have that added, Qimage Ultimate showing the last added Raw or Jpeg image in that folder as a Full Screen Display or better Softproof and the profile then based on Hot Folder settings. In that sense it could be an extension of the Hot Folder choices.

The tethered connection can be made with other applications and for each camera brand there usually is a free or cheap solution available. Lightroom supports some brands with tethering but with its Watched Folder feature unsupported cameras can cope as well with again an extra tethering application in use. It would be handy if a Qimage Ultimate hot folder like that can still be used with Lightroom and Photoshop, at least that there will not be a conflict. LR is not used much by me but PS is.

BTW, related to the last Wish in this forum and my wish here. The Thumbnail window could be larger if the Printer related windows are all shrinked Like the Folders window can be shrinked.

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst

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Larry Kaufman
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« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2017, 01:58:38 PM »

Hi Ernest,

I had a similar desire and came up with the following crude looping batch file for Qimage Ultimate that is working for me at least initially.
Please note, I am not a programmer, so this goes a long way back to my days of working with autoexec.bat and config.sys files.
Copy the text between the lines into a text editor, edit to suit your need and save as QimageHot.bat, run it and Qimage Ultimate (with hot folder on).
:: Batch file to automate Qimage Ultimate Hot folder processing over a network by Larry Kaufman 12-30-2017
:: Open to solve 1 - Command-line or method to start Qimage in Hot Folder mode
:: Setup QImage for the device, page size, color management and other attributes being targeted
:: Required Qimage Preferences - Spool with time delay 1 seconds and Remove Prints Automatically - After Finished Printing
:: Add or remove file types requiring support from the MOVE and IF statements below
:: IMPORTANT Copy files to a network share on the same drive as the Qimage Hot folders, but NOT directly to a hot folder
:: C:\Output\drop is the root of my network shared folder, there are multiple subfolders for differing purposes
:: C:\QHot is the root of my Qimage Hot Folder structure
:: Then Move found and support raster file types from the networked shared folder to the Qimage Hot Folder for processing
:: Note - the CMD screen will show file locked errors while a network copy is occurring, this is a good thing
Move C:\Output\Drop\6x4Qimage\*.jpg C:\QHot\"Fit to page"\
Move C:\Output\Drop\6x4Qimage\*.tif C:\QHot\"Fit to page"\
Move C:\Output\Drop\6x4Qimage\*.psd C:\QHot\"Fit to page"\
:: If no files are found provide a short settle time
:: If issues occur try adjusting settle time
Timeout /T 3
:: Check to see if any new file exists and start over if the answer is yes
:: This could be a problem if there is never at least a break as long as the Timeout in file submission
if exist C:\Output\Drop\6x4Qimage\*.jpg goto :Start
if exist C:\Output\Drop\6x4Qimage\*.tif goto :Start
if exist C:\Output\Drop\6x4Qimage\*.psd goto :Start
:: If after the settle time no new file exist, delete the Qimage file to start printing
Del C:\QHot\~~actions~~\"DELETE to START PRINTING.txt"
:: Now to clear old jobs from the processed folder after printing. Comment out the IF and Echo lines below if you want to keep the files
:: The files must be processed by Qimage first, the key is the presence of the delete to remove text string
if exist C:\QHot\~~actions~~\"Delete to REMOVE ALL PRINTS.txt" goto :Start
echo Y | Del C:\QHot\~~processed~~\*.*
:: Done - everything printed and cleaned up, Start the entire loop over
goto :Start

 I know it was an old post, so hopefully this is helpful to you (or someone else) and it would be nice if this capability were native to the Qimage Ultimate application. Who needs a RIP!

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