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Author Topic: Q Ultimate assorted queries and comments.  (Read 3225 times)
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« on: July 29, 2010, 09:37:26 PM »

Hi Mike

I'm not sure whether you would prefer folks to post these sorts of queries direct in your mini FAQ.

I'm just starting to try Ultimate.  I can see the virtues of Lightning RAW but as another poster identified it takes forever for a folder to build thumbnails (XP with 2Gb) so it doesn't look like an option I shall use routinely and/or until I get a much faster PC.

There is an option for quad/single core under preferences.  I'll probably upgrade my PC within the next year but it is single core right now, so I assume I should select single core.

Am I correct, the handling of RAW is different from Studio and (hopefully) even better?  I've only just started playing so I cannot make my own judgement yet.

Whenever I select an image in the preview page the print size dialogue pops up.  Can I stop/control this please?

I've asked a few times about being able to build thumbnails for several folders at the same time eg when I have a load of photos from a holiday; I do a sort into folders and I don't want to have to select one folder, allow thumbnails to build for a few minutes, then select the second folder and let that lot of thumbnails build, etc.  I would prefer to be able to select several folders and then have a proper break while they all build.  A thought, I note that if I want to alter under preferences, thumb quality changing, I get a pop up that recommends deleting all thumbnails and rebuilding.  So, if I built my new thumbs in each of my new folders at low quality (faster) and then altered quality (or opted for lightning RAW) I could have my lunch break while the building took place in all folders.  However, I suspect even thumbnails (in other folders) or cached RAW that had previously been at the higher quality would be deleted and rebuilt.

If/when I get a new PC is there a folder of thumbs I can copy across so I don't have to rebuild all my thumbs?  nb I would be changing form XP to Win 7 64 bit

I'm assuming that I cannot alter thumbnail quality for a single folder.  Am I correct?

As another poster commented I would welcome more space for the sliders for Fill light and WB in Refine RAW (as for Studio).

Changing topic.  You might think that a great many of your customers take for granted the substantial (to put it mildly) developments to Qimage over the years at no charge.  I don't think for one instant I am alone in never expecting my initial purchase price (over 10 years ago) would end up getting me Qimage Pro.  Like many I can show my gratitude by thanking you, promoting the superb programme(s) and praising the exemplary after sales service.


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« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2010, 10:39:43 PM »

Just a quick reply to say that a multi-folder thumbnail builder is in the works.  Lightning Raw does bring with it higher demands on the system and thus, works better with (for example) a quad core system.  It's simply a powerful feature that works best on "power" systems.  On a minimal quad core system with 16MP raws for example, it can build the thumbs (and Lightning Raw cache that goes with it) at a rate of about one every 3 seconds.  So about 5 minutes per 100 raws.  But remember, it's not just building thumbnails: it's developing finished copies so that after that 5 minutes, you'll never have to wait for those raws again unless you decide to refine the raw settings.  But you're right, if you have a slower/older system, you can always turn the Lightning Raw off and bump it down one notch under Lightning Raw to go back to non-cached raws the way Studio does it.

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