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Author Topic: Hello  (Read 7480 times)
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« on: March 25, 2011, 07:49:04 PM »

I have had Qimage for some time and it works a teeny little better than Photoshop.  I use ACDSee Pro 3 for workflow, and CS5 for final adjustments.  So printing from RAW doesn't mean much to me.  After all these years I still find Qimage Pro to be fiddly and sometimes annoying, there is nothing intuitive about it.  Everything it does is not done like any other software.  I use CS5, ACDSee, formerly Lightroom, Picassa, even PSE, so I'm not exactly a beginner.   Even after reading your article, I'm not sure it's worth 80 or 90 $ to me.  Is the new version any easier to use?  The description makes is look like a long steep learning curve to do what I already do.
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« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2011, 11:04:10 PM »

You are probably waiting for Mike or one of the experts to answer you question, however, I just felt a need to give a little input.

I also use other tools for my photography processing, LR, PS, etc. With any profession or hobby, many tools are needed if you desire the best in quality and efficiency. Qimage Ultimate, is not just a printing program. The program in fact, has tools other than printing, that the other programs you mentioned do not have. And much of what Qimage Ultimate does do, in my opinion, it does better than any other program available.

I have used Qimage Studio for a long time and some time ago upgraded to QIU. I am not by any means even approaching being an expert. However, the on-line manual and now the on-line videos, have really opened up a new world of possibilities working with QIU. Since you have worked with many other programs, you know that you do not have to "know" the whole program in order for the program to give you excellent results in what you want to accomplish. Same with QIU. I do not "know" the whole program, however, for how I personally use QIU, no other program can compete.

If you are a photographer looking for the absolute best products to give you a superior final product, or you are looking to gain efficiencies in your work flow, the upgrade to QIU is one of the lowest cost, superior products, available for your photographic needs.

If you take your time, learn as you go, I do not believe you will be disappointed. In addition, I do not own ANY other computer program of any kind, that offers the in-depth, personable, friendly & knowledgeable customer service as DDI Software......give it a try.
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« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2011, 09:42:03 AM »

Hello dichro1 and welcome to the forum  Smiley
Like you, I have used Qimage for years, since 2004 and followed its development during that time with great interest.
I think Ken has already said most things I would want to say but a couple of other comments.
I have had Qimage for some time and it works a teeny little better than Photoshop
You are kidding, with respect to printing, Qimage is in a different league.
To answer your main question
Is the new version any easier to use?
Yes it is! There are some features with the interface that make life easier but you do need to make the effort to learn about them.
So printing from RAW doesn't mean much to me
You should try it   Cool with Qimage Ultimate of course.
I appreciate you have a significant amount of cash invested in other programs (so why be bothered about $90?) but your work flow could be made much simpler using all the features of QU.
You mention "CS5 for final adjustments"; well, QU can do this easily. It has a fully featured editor that includes the unique and amazing Tone Targeted Sharpening (TTS).
One final point
I still find Qimage Pro to be fiddly and sometimes annoying, there is nothing intuitive about it.
This really is an "old chestnut". You say you use all those other programs, I know they are not intuitive, are fiddly and annoying  Shocked
Try QU, make use of this forum and the learning videos to get the most from a great program. http://www.ddisoftware.com/qimage-u/learn.htm
We look forward to helping you to continue your photography with Qimage Ultimate  Wink

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