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Title: Qimage skips finalizing image before sending to printer-Z3100 44in
Post by: samaiso on August 25, 2015, 10:12:00 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have this print job that is 34 x 73 inches that i sent for printing to my 44in Z3100 at 200 resolution, 600ppi interpolation for normal print, spool all pages at once, format = EMF and also RAW.
With EMF format Qimage skipped finalizing image and sent print job to printer. The result was that the printer refused to recieve data from coputer and reamined idle. However, with RAW format it either took forever to finalize image or if it did finalize and the printer recived data and started printing would stop halfway through and eject paper upto the remaining unprinted length of the paper size meant for the remaining unprinted part of image.
i am running Win7, 64 bit and 4gig ram.
Thanks in advance.