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Title: Iím back!
Post by: RS-MAN on April 23, 2012, 06:45:41 AM
Well! Where have I been? I had the not so bright idea of installing more RAM. One thing I had to do was update my BIOS. Needless to say my PC froze during the install, this rendered my motherboard useless, and I tried setting the jumper on the board to no avail. As it was a Medion PC and my motherboard wasnít one I could simply buy on eBay I was stuck.

After XP Microsoftís operating systems do not let one change ones motherboard to a different one (even the same manufacturer) and use the same operating system. I was moving to 64 bit anyway and I bought a 2TB hard drive installed a new operating system and used the old drive to extract the stuff I wanted.

So (IMHO) if one has say a HP, Dell PC etc and the motherboard fails donít expect a simple answer unless it is a simple matter of obtaining a duplicate motherboard. Nothing I tried using the DVD which came with the computer resolved anything. I am old school and everything was backed up. Itís loading all the software and the updates which bugs me.

Kind regards