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Title: Precision printing of CAD drawings
Post by: CHoffman on April 09, 2022, 07:55:34 PM
This isn't photographic printing but might still be of interest. I use a 2D CAD program called Visual CADD. It's a descendent of the old Generic CADD, brought up to modern Windows standards. I've used it forever and like it a lot. One of the things I draw and print are targets. Things like lens resolution targets and various targets read by photo sensors in products at work. The last targets I printed were only 1 1/2" diameter, with small circles within, about 1/16". Under mild magnification, or even with a sharp eye, the little circles weren't quite round, but were polygons. Turns out the program doesn't print at full printer resolution, just what they think is good enough, which is a bit of a bummer in my application.

Qimage to the rescue! I was able to reduce my grid of targets in CAD down to one circle. I could then export that circle at about 3000 x 3000 as a jpeg file. In Qimage I was able to scale it correctly and recreate the grid of multiple targets on a single page. Off to the PRO-100 it went. Perfect beautiful circles, even under a strong hand lens.

Qimage- it ain't just for pretty pictures!