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1  Technical Discussions / Cameras / Re: Sigma Dp2 - Printing images from Sigma DP1 using QI on: November 05, 2009, 08:19:32 PM
Although QI does not support my DP1 I still can print using Qimage. In LightRoom I select a X3F (DP1) image and go to <Photo <Edit in <Edit in Qimage. This opens the photo as a Tif in the Preview page of QI and I print from there. There is no Thumb of the image and the image itself in the Preview page disappears when printing starts. The print itself comes out fine.
2  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Re: Integrating LR with IQ on: October 30, 2009, 05:54:36 PM
Fred: Thank you for your suggestions which I applied. I still get this message saying that I did not exit QI correctly. However it is not a problem and I can live with it! Harry
3  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Re: shutting down QI on: October 29, 2009, 05:08:36 PM
Reinstall, and enable the AV software after the reinstall.
Make sure you haven't messed with the default locations when Qimage is installing. It will remember the change you made.
Fred: What do you mean with 'enable the AV software' and with 'messing wiith the default locations'?
Should I first un-install QI? Harry
4  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Re: shutting down QI on: October 29, 2009, 03:39:36 PM
Hi Fred: I shut down QI like you said. Now and then I get the following Error-message:
Qimage is unable to write to the folder c:\ Documents and settings\All users\software\Qimage.
Please re-install Qimage in a folder to which you have writing access
. I located in Windows the above folder in which the word "Software" reads "ddisoftware". I am the only PC user and have unlimited access. Another message reads: Confirm Qimage was not shut down properly last sessions. How would you like to start this session? Normal or Reset
I did ask Mike advise in this matter some time ago, but did not get follow up. Harry
5  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / shutting down QI on: October 29, 2009, 09:06:01 AM
Thanks to the professional advises of several members of this Tech Corner I am now getting excellent prints out of QI and my 3800. I am amazed to see the influence of QI on the printing quality and I am really happy with QI. However there will still be a lot to learn and I expect to be back in this Forum regularly!
E.e. I am apparently not correctly shutting down QI because I get a message saying so.
What is the correct way of shutting down?
6  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / softproofing in QI on: October 28, 2009, 06:05:24 PM
When I soft proof an image in QI with the paper profile Pro 38 PGPP the blacks are being covered by a slight gray-ish cast. The same effect I get in CS3 when I use view - proof set up with the same paper profile. In both cases it does not matter whether I use relative col with black point selected (and in CS3 similate paper color selected) or perceptual (no black point selected) (and in CS3, simulate paper color selected). The results are the blacks covered by a gray-ish cast.
What should I conclude from these observations?
7  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Re: Integrating LR with IQ on: October 28, 2009, 02:52:16 PM
Thomas and Ed: Thank you both for taking the time to react to my request for info. Everything is now quite clear to me and I will continue using LR and then printing using QI.
8  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Integrating LR with IQ on: October 27, 2009, 05:10:32 PM
 In an earlier threat about more or less the same subject, Ed_K wonders "Why add an additional (unnecessary) element like LR in the process. It can't help in any way; just adds another potential point of failure In my reaction to his remark, which went unanswered, I explained that I use LR for archiving and post processing and that to me, it seems logical to print from LR too. However I purchased QI pro because I read very positive opinions about QI and in using it concluded that it offers very good print results.
I do not quite understand why Ed is kind of negative about LR? Perhaps because QI delivers better printing conditions than LR, to which I agree. I now plan to continue archiving my images and pp these in LR. However I will thereafter use QI for printing. I would like to have your advise of how to best integrate LR and QI?
I see the following options: 1) export all images after pp in LR and ready for printing, to a temporary file and thenuse this file in QI for printing. After finishing printing, delete the images from temporary file or option 2) go in LR to "Photo - Edit in - Edit in Qimage.exe - Edit copy with LR Adjustments" This will bring the image in QI ready for printing. After printing delete the image (the pp copy remains available in LR)
Perhaps there are other and better ways of integrating printing in QI with LR?
9  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Re: Printing from LR using Qimage on: October 25, 2009, 01:55:44 PM
I followed your suggestions and, as you predicted, got fine prints! Thanks for your patience!
Since I use LightRoom for archiving and post processing (to my satistaction) I believe it (perhaps incorrectly) to be logical to use the print capacity of LR.
I just purchased QI (pro) and I am still learning to use it. There must be an advantage to using QI following pp in LR for printing and I just would like to find out what the advantage(s) is and how to best organize my printing from LR through QI.
When being in LR and I want to print in QI I go to "Photo - Edit in QI - Edit copy with LR Adjustments" - this will open a Tif file (in ProPhoto RGB) in QI which I then use for printing in QI.
Thanks for helping me!
10  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Printing from LR using Qimage on: October 25, 2009, 08:49:01 AM
I never managed using my former printer Canon MP800R, to print a 100% correct color photo from LR. There always was a magenta cast and even a high level print specialist could not solve this problem. I now have purchased an Epson pro 3800 and for the first time got the perfect print out of LR! I based the Epson driver settings on a threat by Cem_Usakligil dated Sep 07, 2008 who's advise was to set the Epson driver as  follows:
1. Instead of selecting "No color Adjustments", set Mode to Custom|ICM. 2. Click Advanced... 3. Check "Show all profiles". 4. Select "Driver ICM (Advanced)".       5. Set *both* the "Input profile" and the "Printer profiile" fields to the very same profile that you specified in LR. This has the actually the same effect as disabling color management in the driver (what "No Color Adjustments" should normally take care of)
The author feels that the bug (that causes color shifts and dark prints) is on the LightRoom side, because this problem does not show in Qimage.
The above settings developed by Cem_Usakligil , although very effective, are somewhat special (?), esp. putting a paper profile in the input profile.
I have two questions:
1) If I want to print from LR using Qimage can I get the same excellent print quality by using the above Epson driver settings?
2) If the print quality printing directly from LR is fine, what would the advantage be of using Qimage in combination with LR (which is also more complicated because one would first have to export the LR file)?
11  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Re: Re-installing QI on: October 16, 2009, 05:28:55 AM
Today I am leaving for a short holiday. I will be back around Oct 26 and will then immediately respond to your possible advices.
12  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Re: Re-installing QI on: October 15, 2009, 02:28:52 PM
Mike I am not using QI under an admin account or using QI under a restricted account.
13  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Re-installing QI on: October 14, 2009, 06:20:33 PM
I suddenly get an Error message saying the following:
"QI is unable to write to the folder c:\documents and settings\all users\ddisoftware\qimage. Please re-install QI in a folder to which you have access"
Does anybody know what I have done wrong and what to do now?
14  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Paper and the Epson 3800 on: October 12, 2009, 10:09:26 AM
I am still waiting for the arrival of my new 3800. On the paper subject I have read quite some useful information in the topic about the same subject.
I still have a lot of Canon Photo Paper Pro (PR 101) and Photo Paper Plus Glossy (PP 101) and have difficulties just throwing this in the waste basket. Can I use this in the 3800 and if so, what drivers should I select?
15  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Re: Combining Qimage with Light Room and the Epson 3800 on: October 12, 2009, 09:46:54 AM
Hallo Brian: What I understand is that in your opinion it is better after post processing in LR not to use the printing capability in LR but to export to a print file and print using QI?
After printing using QI what would be the advantage of saving this print file? What does it mean: "leaving the interpolation to QI"?
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