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1  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Mac version on: August 13, 2017, 06:30:48 PM
I would be so happy to have qumage available for MAC. Right  now, I am transitioning from my 5D III to a new 5DIV. With that I am having to upgrade my 2009 Mac Pro with more storage or just a new Mac Pro. I run photoshop, Lightroom, Pro select and Corel painter. I think that I need to go with the new system to be able to handle the new 30 mp files and updated software that they will need. So, I am in a transition period now. I would so LOVE to be able to work with qimage again! Lightroom is still a pain for me and not Unser friendly. I always understood qimage from the beginning, it just always made sense to me. Our studio runs 4 epson printers as we do all in house printing. I belong to a number of photographer groups and organizations. PPA, PPLA and i am a CPP with PPA and currently working on my masters degree. I would definitely be thrilled to recommend qimage this everyone. I will be waiting to hear about the MAC release and would even love to beta test.

Stephanie gaspard
2  Mike's Software / Qimage / MAC version? on: August 13, 2017, 03:40:16 AM
Hi, I was a qimage user years ago, maybe 2004? I swirched to MAC and had to give it up. I recently got an email saying that there would be a MAC version coming. If so, I will be back to qimage right away. Is it going to be released anytime soon?

Thanks, Stephanie Gaspard
3  Technical Discussions / Computer Hardware / monitor calibration for mac? on: November 25, 2009, 02:42:48 PM
i have the apple cinema 24" display. it really is a beautiful screen. i have read that apple monitors are difficult to calibrate, but it seems alright to me with my eye1 display. I have done several calibrations, and the best one is to me is almost identical to the default factory profile that the monitor came with. this is a darker version calibrated using a windows standard gamma of around 2.1-2.2. i leave the whitepoint to the native, but the gamma is something that i can definitely play around with and they all look good, just some are lighter, brighter, and some are darker and more contrasty. i am looking for any advice on how to decide on which gamma to use for my apple LED display.

Another issue is, i am using a windows laptop only for qimage. i retrieve my processed images ready for printing via my home network in a shared folder. i have always 'converted to profile' (sRGB) right before saving. i noticed in qimage last night after adding my images for printing to the queue that sRGB is what is listed onside of the images down at the bottom. should my printer profile be listed there? it is listed under printer ICC in the job properties. i'm wondering if i need to change my workflow and actually assign a profile in photoshop rather than convert to profile.
4  Mike's Software / Qimage / Re: I still love qimage, but must say goodbye on: November 24, 2009, 02:35:39 PM
thanks brian,
this is how i have it set up now, except that its a wireless connection. i have just updated the norton software and paid the subscription. i think this is my safest bet. i am about to download qimage onto this computer. hopefully i will up and printing soon. i guess life is about to get real interesting again....but what would this world be like if there were no republicans and democrats, no ford or chevy, or no windows or mac?
5  Mike's Software / Qimage / Re: I still love qimage, but must say goodbye on: November 24, 2009, 01:30:13 PM
thanks brian and terry,
i'm not sure that i made myself clear, or maybe i'm not getting it. i definitely would rather set up a shared folder on my macbook HD that i can get to from the windows machine via my home network. burning a CD each time i want to print will be just too much of a PITA. the question on setting up i'm talking about is more of a how-to with networking. i went through it last night, and i dont know if it can be done. Basically, i want the windows machine to have access to my home network, so that i can get to this shared print folder, BUT, i do not want it to have internet access, unless i connect manually in case i need to do a qimage update. i did not want to have to mess around with norton or any other anti virus software. i don't think that i can get around this though. not a huge deal since i find myself back on windows again now. and this windows machine does have vista. i forgot that i had installed it on this laptop right before i got my son his macbook pro.
6  Mike's Software / Qimage / Re: I still love qimage, but must say goodbye on: November 24, 2009, 01:52:52 AM
Ok, so i tried to print with photoshop and it really sucks for me in every way possible and i won't go into it. we have an old laptop here that belonged to my son. it runs but the cheap-*ss dell housing is broken pretty bad. the lid has had  it. if i set it up, i will have to configure it to go into sleep mode without ever closing the lid. i have decided to take the advice that was given to me and use this for qimage only. Question-is it possible to use this windows computer on my home network without it having access to the internet? i've never set up a home-network only connection and don't know if its even possible. this way i could share a pictures folder and see them in qimage without having to load them onto a disk to print.

this laptop runs on XP. i can say for sure that i will not be upgrading it to windows 7 much less vista. unless mike ever starts writing qimage to where XP is obsolete, i will be in good shape.

thanks for the advice. the truth is that i just couldn't give up qimage after all. i'm being very serious here, after using this software for this many years, it is just impossible to find something out there to compare it to. i have been all over the internet looking at everything from stand alone applications to photoshop plugins. none of that would have really worked for me anyway because epson printers don't show the same printer properties in mac as it does in windows. its kind of messed up. i'm not ready to get rid of my R2400 either.

7  Mike's Software / Qimage / Re: I still love qimage, but must say goodbye on: November 17, 2009, 08:26:56 PM
and he was amazed at how many of his students have mac's. I know that entire school systems are now buying mac books for faculty and student use.

So, I wouldn't be so quick to say for sure that the school purchased the Macs based on quality or ease of use; more likely either free demos, or so deeply discounted, no school could refuse.

i don't know about this-could it be for the same reason that all school used to all purchase PC's in the past, because thats whats there? Mac's are taking a part of the PC market now. They are more expensive, but have you ever went into an Apple store? Its overwhelmingly attractive. You can have a seat at the 'genius' bar and tell the 'genius' your troubles while they fix you up. they have lots of flavors such as ipod, ipod nano,ipod touch, etc..iphone, imacs, mini macs, macbook pro, mighty mouse, air port, etc... to name a few. i find mac's to be the most beautiful, sexy computers out there.....and they work. I don't feel the least bit limited as far as applications(well other than qimage of course), or that i can upgrade. i just took the opportunity to upgrade my hardrive after the crash to a 500 GB. really, just about everything that is available on a PC, you can get in a mac version. I even was about to do a cross-platform upgrade for my corel painter when i realized that i already had it. corel includes installation for pc or mac on the the same dvd. luckily i found out before they sold me a new version. those skunks!

I never thought i would make the switch. i guess when you get enough, you just get enough. who knows, i may even make the walk over to nikon one day. after spending close to $2000 on the newest greatest camera from canon and having the focusing issues that i and alot of other people are having with the 7D, no telling how many are abandoning canon now.

for sure i have issues with apple, no doubt that the restrictions that are placed on me when i purchase a song on itunes really pisses me off. and, why can't they just make itunes accessible from my home network without having to use 'twonky' or some other kind of crap? i know that everything has its drawbacks, but when it comes to my computers, i have to say that macs win hands down over windows any day. its not an easy thing to do, to make that switch. i struggled over it for about two years. but, when i finally did it, i've never looked back. i could be completely over it if it would not be for not having my beloved qimage software. Mike, this is ripping my heart out! I am so attached to and dependent on this software. doesn't that make you feel good?Huh?? i guess i might have to keep one antiquated PC around until you come on over to the dark side.

As far as the possibility of a virus coming in from the windows side in fusion, yes, it is very likely. when running a virtual machine such as windows on a mac, you share an internet connection, files, folders, everything. the windows machine is even accessible over the home network as a seperate computer. I can access my windows media player  files over my home network if i have fusion running on my mac. i can access other computers on my windows virtual machine through my home network. it can work all ways, coming or going. as long as that network connection is open on a computer that is powered on, well, i don't have to say anymore.

PS- there are a whole lot of mac users on the fred miranda sports forum
8  Mike's Software / Qimage / Re: I still love qimage, but must say goodbye on: November 17, 2009, 05:53:11 PM
thanks fred. are you one of the few members still around from 'years ago'? I remember you well.

i don't know if mac's are so few these days. i never thought i would be a mac person, but here i am, and loving it i might add. i have to give one credit to be a windows user for so many years-if i had never  bought my first PC so many years ago, and many more afterwards, i would not be as efficient in using, repairing, making one work, tech support for others, etc...as i am now. My MAC just works, plain and simple. So, so simple. the only trouble i've had so far with my mac has been making windows work. Roll Eyes

Really though, my son in law was teaching a calculus class at LSU before he got his PHd this past spring in math, and he was amazed at how many of his students have mac's. I know that entire school systems are now buying mac books for faculty and student use. I think this trend will continue too, especially if microsoft keeps hanging themselves with these wonderful new versions of windows that they keep coming out with, each one truly better than its predecessor.

i may do just what you suggested about keeping a windows laptop just for printing with qimage. i've been looking around for something for the past hour or so, and don't know if its possible to find something else that will replace qimage.  i really don't feel like learning something new or paying hundreds of dollars either.
9  Technical Discussions / Articles / Re: November 2009: Win7 - Microsoft's Defiant Child on: November 17, 2009, 03:00:47 PM
OK, so without reading this entire thread to see if its better yet(windows 7), i'm going to throw this out- come on over to the dark side-go MAC. i took the jump a year ago now.  Wink

Hi mike, its been awhile, and i know that this has been discussed and beat to death a thousand and one times over the years. I'm really picking at you, but in a way sure would love to see it happen.
10  Mike's Software / Qimage / I still love qimage, but must say goodbye on: November 17, 2009, 02:51:02 PM
i have been using qimage since maybe 2003? not really sure anymore. i have not been active on the forums or discussions in a long time. i wanted to post to make sure that something is not in the works for a mac version yet. since upgrading to my mac(yes, i did say upgrade), i have been running fusion so that i could run my PC software that i either did not want to purchase over in a mac version, or that was not available for mac. i decided to switch over the the mac version of PSC4. this made it easier for me. i never left fusion running and always shut it down after using it. Last week, my computer crashed. i really think that i got some sort of nasty virus from the windows being on my mac even though i had mcafee installed. needless to say, i did not have adequate backup and lost alot. i have decided that i am not going to re-install windows on my mac this time. since i've already replaced my photoshop to a mac version, thats no problem for me. i have just switched to quicken for mac since. the only program thats leaving me troubled is qimage. i made the decision to not use windows at all, so i will need to replace my qimage with something else for printing now. i have no idea of anything that will compare. is there anything else that anyone here has used in the past before using qimage? qimage was the first and only printing software that i have ever used.  i will look for something else for now, and continue to check in once in awhile in hopes of a mac version of
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