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July 16, 2024, 07:27:13 PM *
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1  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate Wish List / Re: Supersize it - please on: January 29, 2023, 03:39:03 PM
I can see what it looks like with even bigger thumbnails but at that point, they're not really thumbnails anymore.  In a few more years, Fred will be old enough that his odometer is going to roll back to all zeroes.  Wink  He has a unique view of the button icons.  He'll say "I clicked the Santa Claus" icon and I'll have no idea what he's talking about.  Then he tells me that's what it looks like to him.  Cheesy


Addendum to an email I sent you yesterday with attachments showing what I am seeing.

These days we have 4K UHD monitors running very high resolution at 250%.   While I understand the complexities of making changes to s/w that has worked fine for years, I suggest the following design change to the Thumbnail Size 3 position option:

Preferred: Thumbnail selection be a variable with lower and upper limits using a factor determined by operator selected monitor resolution and % selected.

Other: Add more options to the current 3.

2  Mike's Software / Qimage / Re: QImage Cutouts - new ones in folder do not appear in list on: January 17, 2010, 06:54:24 PM

1. Thanks for pointing me to the correct location C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ddisoftware\Qimage\Cutouts.  Yes, I searched outside of Q and landed at C:\Program Files\Qimage\Cutouts\, apparently the old location from that config change you made a few versions ago.  That said, may I delete the entire Cutouts folder and files in the Program Files\QImage.  if yes, what other folder may I delete there?  If they have ANY value, I'd leave them alone.  I understand your other comments RE Cutouts.

2. As for the Overlap with 2x 5x7's that has happened occasionally, yep, I have an HP Phptosmart C7280.  I know you don't like HP.  Question: Have you EVER heard of this problem?  If yes, only with HP?  Quite honestly, I am very pleased with the results with my HP.  Will mention that I am NOT using Ver 10 s/w (still with 9.x) because 10 has issues, primarily to do with initialization of PC taking noticably longer from cold start when HO Ver 10 s/w is installed, restored PC to HP Ver 9.0.  As for the clip of the image, I had included it as an attachment the original msg when I asked this questio.  Was a few months ago.

Much Thanks,
3  Mike's Software / Qimage / QImage Cutouts - new ones in folder do not appear in list on: January 08, 2010, 02:51:41 PM

Not version specific.  Using Professional 2010.106.

1. Problem:  Cutouts:  Simply copied an existing cutout (oval.tif --> oval IL.tif) then opened Q, image in Print Que then into Batch Editor.  The new cutout does NOT appear in the list with all that are included with QImage..  Observed in .268 Professional also.  NEVER needed to create my own cutout until now.

2. On another note, I do not see any change when I simply fool with the options that appear in the dialog when in click the CUTOUT button.  But that is not related to primary issue.  I do not see detail in a manual that addresses this dialog if in fact it does perform a function.

3. A while ago I sent a clip of a scan of a printout attempt of (2) 5x7's on one 8x10... that I believe has worked fine and does so most of the time, what the image shows (probably still in the forum - left for Mike to see but did not get a RE from that question) is the 1st image looks fine on the paper then 2nd image start to be printed BUT THEN the 1st image ovelays 2nd partially.  Trashed the work.  I was using 09.268(?).  never tried with 2010-106 that I was latest at the time. Any thoughts?

Thank you,
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