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May 28, 2024, 11:07:03 AM *
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1  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Finding an image number on: March 21, 2024, 05:35:11 PM
Are you talking about the number that is part of the file name?
2  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Saving Your Image on: March 14, 2024, 03:44:54 AM
When you say "used later on" what do you mean?  If you want to print it again exactly that way, then save as a job which will capture everything including the text and you can bring it back exactly as it is.  If it's for a display on a screen or other media device, then yes, print it to file, but be sure to get rid of disable the print profile first.
3  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: What are advantages of Using Qimage Software on: February 27, 2024, 04:24:49 PM
Oh wow, how do I count the ways and where to even start. Just off the top of my head, the ability to EASILY
  • Resize, change aspect ratio
  • Create layouts with multiple prints of various sizes on a page
  • Invoke the highest quality interpolation algorithm(s) available so that almost any decent digital image can be printed to any reasonable size
  • Adjust color balance, lighting and contrast
  • Do all of the above without ever destroying, or altering the integrity of the original image
  • Manage and organize photos into albums without having to actually make multiple copies of the images
  • Instantly recall and revisit any photo page you have ever printed
  • Do all the pixel peeping you want to, even compare two versions side by side

I have barely gotten started
4  Technical Discussions / Printers / Re: Epson SC P600 clog/no color on: February 02, 2024, 02:27:13 AM
For what it's worth, I have had something like this in the past where the monitor shows ink still in the cartridge but the nozzle check for one or more colors is either blank or just scattered lines. And replacing the cartridge does fix the problem. This is with Epson stylus 3000. Having said that, I have never lost all color completely as you describe. I now try to run the unclog twice a week, and haven't had issues since.
5  Technical Discussions / Printers / Re: purge sheet: how to interpret on: January 23, 2024, 03:17:52 PM
You don't interpret the sheet. Run a nozzle check to see if there are any clogs, then run the nozzle unclog/purge regularly - at least weekly - to keep the nozzles open when you are not otherwise printing.
6  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Auto Rotate on: January 09, 2024, 08:51:16 PM
Is it possible that this is the same issue I had years ago that Fred had to set me straight on?  Namely, that auto rotate is universally on or off only for images that are not yet in the queue. Once in the queue, it can be turned on or off on a per image basis. Sure miss Fred.
7  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Qimage Ultimate Settings Question on: August 24, 2023, 01:26:34 PM
The available media type settings are determined by the printer driver.  If you got your profile from Red River or some other commercial source, you should have also received direction as to what media type to set in the driver to match the profile.
8  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: PRO-1000 forced manual feed on: August 15, 2023, 01:27:01 PM
There are profile editors available, but it sounds to me as if this is a driver issue and not a profile issue.
9  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Cannot get even borders on: August 09, 2023, 04:16:08 PM
I can think of one other way this could happen:

  • You have changed, moved or deleted one of the photos that the job references, or
    You have changed the filter (especially if the filter includes a crop) associated with one of the photos that the job references

Other than that, I have recalled jobs even ten years old and they come up exactly as they were.
10  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: We lost one of the best! on: July 27, 2023, 08:20:21 PM
And condolences to you too Mike.  I know that Fred was far more to you personally than a Qimage guru.
11  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: We lost one of the best! on: July 27, 2023, 01:57:56 AM
Sad beyond words. Sad beyond words.
12  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Ultimate trial and R1800 issues. on: June 04, 2023, 07:26:22 PM
Are you saying that the print preview shows up fine in the Epson print preview window? Because at that point, Qimage is done with it.
13  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Problem (high sophisticated) with Print Info "Media and Profil" on: April 28, 2023, 04:43:02 PM
Notice also that the media and profile option does not show up in the page editor; the last option in the list is full path and filename
14  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate Wish List / Re: RFC: More Floating text sets, saving the text "layout", more variables on: April 11, 2023, 01:36:25 AM
OK - I think I get it now.  You are not requesting a capability that we don't have, because we can add as many different floating test boxes as we want; what you want to do is automate certain often repeated information sets to make it easier to add them - I think. 
15  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate Wish List / Re: RFC: More Floating text sets, saving the text "layout", more variables on: April 09, 2023, 05:05:26 PM
I like the idea but you can sort of do that already.  On several occasions I have created txt files with the details I want and saved them as the headers for captions (e.g Total Eclipse 2018). I then just open and paste into the caption box.  Maybe you are thinking of something a little more sophisticated?
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