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September 22, 2023, 05:59:30 PM *
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 on: September 21, 2023, 08:09:18 PM 
Started by nmossholder - Last post by admin
Just to make sure it isn't corrupted settings, hold the Shift key while you click the Properties button to open the driver and reset driver settings.  Make any selections/settings you need in the driver and click "OK" to save driver settings.  Try printing a test after that.  If it fixes it, some bad settings just worked their way into the (saved) driver options.


 on: September 21, 2023, 07:57:46 PM 
Started by nmossholder - Last post by nmossholder
When I Open QImage Ultimate, then try to print an image, The Print Preview fails to open, and the job stays in the que for about 30 seconds and then throws ane error printing message.  The only way I've found to print is to reboot my computer, or reboot the printer, then print.  Any ideas what is going on and how to fix it?


 on: September 15, 2023, 09:38:15 PM 
Started by admin - Last post by admin
PS changes their registry structure with each major update so whenever you install a new PS update, you need to re-run the Qimage installer afterward.  No need to uninstall Qimage: just re-run the installer for the Qimage version you have and that will find the new PS installation and activate the plugin for it.


 on: September 15, 2023, 09:36:15 PM 
Started by admin - Last post by PaulWhite
Just installed PS 2024 and I can't get plugin to work. Couldn't get to work with previous QUltimate version either, which is why I installed the latest version.

 on: September 12, 2023, 04:28:59 PM 
Started by admin - Last post by CHoffman
2024? Heck, it's not even Halloween yet. Let's not put up the Christmas decorations too early!

 on: September 11, 2023, 03:17:12 AM 
Started by admin - Last post by admin
Not going to rob you of that surprise.  No spoilers.   Grin


 on: September 11, 2023, 01:30:55 AM 
Started by admin - Last post by msadat
what in the store for 2024 mike?

 on: September 07, 2023, 02:21:04 PM 
Started by sync007 - Last post by studio2107
I don't know if this helps any but the Canon Accounting Manager works just fine with Qimage and my Canon Pro 1000. Of course you have to define the cost of every paper and size. Since I don't use roll papers, there may be something different with that.

 on: September 04, 2023, 12:27:05 PM 
Started by alandb - Last post by admin
All startup errors can be tracked to one of three things: (1) corrupted Qimage settings, (2) a corrupted image in the startup folder, or (3) a broken printer driver.

Try starting Qimage with the Shift key held: hold the Shift key until Qimage displays its first screen/dialog and then release it.  That should start it in safe mode and you can set up your preferences manually.  If it won't start with the Shift key held, you may want to reinstall the printer driver for the default Windows printer.


 on: September 03, 2023, 07:08:40 PM 
Started by alandb - Last post by alandb
I get this message when I try to open Qimage Ultimate. I use Windows 10.

Error message - "Exception EAccessViolation in module Qimage.exe at 00199F4F. Access violation at address 006D9F4F in module 'Qimage.exe'. Read of address 0000004C."

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