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Title: Canon Pro 100 and Power timer
Post by: Fred A on October 01, 2018, 12:21:40 PM
Just a tale for all.  (Maybe everyone knew this except for me)
All of a sudden, I noticed that my printer was shutting off while just sitting there.
I have the printer two years and it never happened before. I even left the power on over night many times and found it still on in the morning.
I thought.... hmm.... just got a W 10 update!!
I went searching in the driver and found a timer was set to turn off the power.
I set that to None.... solved.
But this tale is to remind all that W 10 updates can, will, and do mess with the printers.
My first experience was W 10 wiping out my driver where the Pro 100 was no longer "found".
"Once bitten, Twice Shy"