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Title: Pixelated Preview (Area 3)
Post by: gary5bellies on February 28, 2024, 11:40:28 PM
Hello there,

I've just downloaded and installed the trial version v2024.101 and I'm having an issue with the preview image displayed. I'm having the same symptoms that sync007 was having in the thread started Dec 19 2018. Photoshop, Lightroom and every other program I have that displays images is showing them fine. I have printed an image and that has come out just like an image I printed with Lightroom earlier today. Like sync007 and thanks to him I can use the work around that he did (clicking on soft-proof preview). I've attached a couple of uncropped RAW 22.7mb files. These images taken by phone are off my 3840x2160 monitor. They are both non soft-proof and soft-proofed the difference you'll agree is plain to see. This occurs with every image I've tried to test with over several RAW formats (Sony, Olympus and Panasonic), Tiffs and JPEG. I've set my thumbnails to their largest and thumb and preview quality to best. I've rebuilt the thumbs and the Global Filter is off. Quality for screen views and small prints is on full, and Raw thumbnails and cache is checked on cache w/fast thumbnail priority.
Can anybody help please?
The attached images have had to be resized to be able to post and are now JPEGs. Now down to one file showing the Pixelated image.

Thanks in advance

Title: Re: Pixelated Preview (Area 3)
Post by: admin on February 29, 2024, 12:50:42 AM
The live view is a preview of the layout.  It isn't a photo editor nor is it meant to judge image quality.  The purpose of that preview is for you to design your layout so cached thumbnails are used so that you can do things like preview an entire page of wallets with no delay in generating unnecessarily detailed images.  There are many tools within Qimage that allow you to preview images full screen if that's what you need including the image editor, full screen view, image examiner, image comparator, and you can also open the full page editor and set the preview to high quality.  Or the already mentioned soft proof if you just want to preview the page once you've created it and you don't mind the extra time to generate full resolution images.  Those options are all there but they are options because no one would appreciate the amount of time it would take to render full resolution previews for designing a layout.