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Title: Canon Custom Media Types on Qimage One (MAC)
Post by: loganross on December 29, 2020, 04:18:53 AM
Hopefully a simple answer to this question.  I love Q-Image Ultimate, buy I have migrated to MAC and taking advantage of the amazing Apple M1 Processor.  My last step is printing.  Have my printer setup in the MAC, and I can see the Canon Custom Media types in Canon's Professional Print and Layout App, but I don't see the custom media types in the QImage One Demo I just downloaded.  Note that the custom media types appear in the Canon Media Creation Tool for both the printer and the driver. 

Can you help?  I have painstakingly made custom media types and custom icc profiles for every paper I have (actually almost three years ago, but they still work perfectly), and I am extremely happy with the results from QImage Ultimate.  I just need to get things flowing in Q Image One.


Title: Re: Canon Custom Media Types on Qimage One (MAC)
Post by: loganross on January 01, 2021, 08:38:59 AM
Solved this issue:

Solution was similar to the PC side:

Select Printers and Scanners in System Preferences.  Double click the Canon Printer you want to update from and then click the “Settings" cog icon in the upper right corner.   Select the “Utility" tab, then click “Open Printer Utility”  (which opens the Canon IJ Printer Utility 2).  Select "Media Information" from the drop down menu.  Click the "Update Media Information" button.  That copies all of the media types (including custom media types) from the printer to the driver so that they appear as Media Type options when you go to print.

** Note that the Custom Media types are created and uploaded into the printer using Canon’s Media Creation Tool.