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Title: Scan Line Index Out of Range
Post by: BackdropJunction on January 20, 2012, 02:14:16 PM
Hi guys.  So I am happy to say that I just upgraded the memory in my MAC from 4GB to 12GB.  Everything is running far better.  Parallels runs far better which means QI has been able to run better now that it has the appropriate resources to work.  I have been running a lot of prints with QI and everything was good until today when I did something different.

I need to print two images each 17" tall x 210" long.  On their own those images print just fine in QI.  I decided to print on 36" paper with one above the other to be more efficient.  Everything sets up fine in the print preview.  After I hit print and the job loads I am getting an error saying Scan Line Index Out of Range.  Then the job cancels and the printer spits out 210" of paper.  Printing on vinyl this is an expensive mistake. (I saved most of it)  Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? 

I have had this issue in the past but it kinda just went away, not sure how that happened.  If it is relevant I did double check the borders around the print to make sure everything was within the page setting.