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Author Topic: stretching images in QImage  (Read 18904 times)
Ernst Dinkla
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« Reply #15 on: September 15, 2009, 09:26:17 AM »

If you are adding borders in an editor, could not 3 borders be equal and one long side be greater? After all, it is common to matte a print in that way.
Just an idea,  Roll Eyes

I must have written a request like that more than a year ago. Signature and title space. Addition of extra border space to a selectable side (or two sides), keep the other sides at the normal border width and keep the corner marks to cut the overall size. Right now I do the Photoshop canvas edit or give all the borders an extra cm to cut off later on or do not use the corner marks and add border at that side what would have been wasted paper with corner marks.

I'm not that happy with the coloring method for corner marks. There is a risk that (small) borders on a next print get that color if one isn't alert enough. Maybe Mike could transfer the corner mark color choice to preferences and the user can save that choice as a default for all jobs. It will suit my work better.

I'm not in favor of adding aspect ratio chang in Qimage.

met vriendelijke groeten, Ernst Dinkla

Try: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Wide_Inkjet_Printers/

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« Reply #16 on: January 06, 2010, 10:28:35 PM »

Just a comment as this inability to fit to size has impacted me again making holiday cards.

I create cards using qimage and like to use one geometric/abstract image as a background (instead of solid color with solid color qimage borders) for laying out other images and text on top of.  Unfortunately I have to create a different background image size for each crop ratio - my library of custom backgrounds it getting overwhelming due to so many different crop sizes of the same geometric images - instead of one I can crop from or fit to size to keep the pattern/border intact.


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« Reply #17 on: January 07, 2010, 01:43:42 PM »

Not sure.  Let me give an example for illustration purposes.  I am given an image with an embedded border that is 2:3 ratio.  I first need to print as 4x6 borderless.  It prints perfectly, no cropping, no image or border lost.  Then I also need to print same image on 4x6 card but with a 0.1" Qimage added white border around entire image.  This means I need to either crop the image if I want even borders which cuts off part of the border that is already part of the image (very noticeable and not acceptable) or I can have a 0.1" border on short side and 0.07" on the long side.  This delta in border is noticeable - it looks like a sloppy cut job.

Instead what would be nice if if Qimage allowed the image to be non-proportionally stretched to fit into the resulting 3.8x5.8 ratio needed to print with a 0.1" border.  In almost all cases this small amount of non-proportional stretch is not detectable and acceptable.

Let's back up here and address this problem from the source rather than band-aiding it after the fact.  The problem here is not that Qimage won't distort images.  The problem is that a border has been inappropriately placed on an image before print time!  Borders should be placed at print time when you know the print size!  Qimage gives many methods of applying borders including decorative borders/frames via cutouts and even placement of photos over border images using freehand placement.  The whole concept of Qimage is that you should use it to print original un-fooled-with images.  Borders should be done at print time and you wouldn't have to distort your images to counter the fact that the border was added at the wrong time in the printing workflow.

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