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1  Forum Rules, Status, and Info / Forum Feedback, Status, Issues, etc. / Re: 14 day Trial - hangs on: February 16, 2020, 04:22:45 PM
Hi Fred ... 

yes it took forever ...  15 minutes plus ... and still said that ...  closing out via Task Manager and re-opening on the laptop brought it up
fine and I was able to get to the same folder that only contained about 6 photos. 

I will pursue the desktop again when I have some time.   

2  Forum Rules, Status, and Info / Forum Feedback, Status, Issues, etc. / Re: 14 day Trial - hangs on: February 16, 2020, 12:44:17 AM
I WAS able to install on my laptop Win10 64bit.    First time it came up I was able to change the printer, and paper, etc.   When I changed to a
different folder for a specific group of pictures it hung ...  with a hourglass and 'Please wait ..."    Closed it out with Task Manager and was able
to open it back up ... get to the folder  I wanted ... and print to the same printer that the desktop uses.   Both use wireless connections to the

If anyone has suggestions on possible solutions with the desktop that hangs ... I would appreciate it.   In the mean time, I can use Qimage
from the laptop.    And I will pursue figuring out what the heck happened in the desktop to cause it to fail.


PS.   The desktop is basically a mirror image of the laptop as I used the laptop with Laplink S/W to get all my files installed on the desktop.
3  Forum Rules, Status, and Info / Forum Feedback, Status, Issues, etc. / Re: 14 day Trial - hangs on: February 15, 2020, 11:41:48 PM
Thank you for responding.   

I uninstalled Qimage.    Stopped Norton360 .   Reinstalled and got the same symption(s).    Printer is a HP ENVY Photo 7800 series PCL-3.   It has
the best driver installed ( per Windows ). 

The error code is attached. "Prior shutdown exit code: 15-run

I was able to capture part of the screen from the ICON in the task bar via Task View   But when I click on it it doesn't stay up.

I've also attached what Task Manager looks like.

I will try to install on my laptop and see if there is any difference from my desktop.

Not sure if the attachments will show up.   
4  Forum Rules, Status, and Info / Forum Feedback, Status, Issues, etc. / 14 day Trial - hangs on: February 15, 2020, 12:36:42 AM
I am a previous user of Qimage.   I lost the product when my old Vista system hard drive crashed.     I downloaded the 14 day trial to make sure it would work with my
Win10 64bit system, with the intent of purchasing after verifying it worked.

On the 1st opening of Qimage I got the screen that showed my pictures and the screen layout for printing.    I changed the print size to 4x6 and then it hung.   I couldn't get
anything on the screen to accept input and couldn't close out of the window.     I had to use Task Manager to close out the program

Started up again and got the 'didn't close out properly'  ... open 'normal' or 'safe'.    Tried normal .    Only got the icon in the  task bar.    Task Manager had Qimage not
responding.    Closed out with Task Manger and tried  'safe'   ...  Same thing.   Only the icon in the task bar.     Closed out again via Task Manager.   Still wouldn't
open up without 'not responding'.

Uninstalled the program.    Verified that I had a default printer and that Windows was managing it.     Tried to open up again and got the same message as before that
it had not been closed down property ... yaya yaya yaya .....   

Task manager is the only way to close it out.   The only Qimage is the icon on the task bar and in Task Manager.   The program does not open up.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.    I was really hoping to get back to using Qimage.

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