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31  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Printing with equal margins on: January 07, 2011, 08:45:48 PM
Terry and Fred, thanks for the notes.  When I see your combined posts at 2,625, I'm all ears!  Kudos!  Terry, your "Cut the chat.... just the facts" is a fair, constructive crit.  I need to work on that, big time!

With the margin hassle solved,  I reflect:  I'm going to benefit from other QU features as projects call.  Thanks Mike Chaney, and the DDI Team!!!   And again, thanks forum posters and responders.   I read in the forum well before buying the program.

Off topic but perhaps of interest to anyone learning or writing/publishing an app:  A program flow chart.   Borrowing from Mr. Pogue: "The Missing Chart....That Should Have Been In The Box".  My first program "Visicalc", a spreadsheet, purchased with my Apple II+ - circa 1980, had an 8.5x11 sheet showing every tool, its location, keystrokes to get there and how to get back - Brilliant!!!   One can learn more by perusing the flow chart for 15 minutes than by poking around in the program, posting/reading forums (incl. my verbosity) for hours if not weeks.    Chart available for $1  - Shipping and handling; $9.95  ...I don't believe in smiley faces.  If we don't get the humor or the grumpy from the language, then it's probably not worth getting.

That most (safe to use "all"?) software publishers do not include such a diagram nowadays, is a huge loss of time and energy.

Off the soapbox,

32  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Printing with equal margins on: January 06, 2011, 11:16:58 PM
Hello Again,
First: Ray, Thanks for the "borderless" checkbox alert.  Epson doesn't allow custom paper sizes (5.5x8 - this project) when borderless is checked.  And Terry, I share your observation about Epson's skinny left available print "margins". 

Fred, thanks again for your time and help!!!  I followed your 1,2,3 - first with the 2200 (5.266x7.333) & then with the 2400 (5.266x7.766) obviously a difference in the two printer's allowable print area - bottom.  I shifted to the 2400 & printed the 5.25x3.75 with equal .127 margins (please, hold the giggles!  I have a 4 place digital micrometer that I use in the shop. Visuals are fine but when trying to nudge margins...to 3 places.....

Is there a sticky face for EUREKA!!!?   I've been trying to push the river (PS, Publisher, Epson, et al) for years whenever I occasionally do cards and mailers.  Up front this was the reason (image placement) that I purchased QU.....I'm sure other features will come into focus as projects come along.

I went back to the 2200.  I'm convinced that its driver has been the main brain cramp. There is nothing I can do to avoid the .114 left margin.....short of a bigger hammer?   During this current struggle, I now suspect the 2200.  When I select or drag an image into Preview I often don't get the Print Properties dialogue (Print Sizes), just a light gray rectangle of its size.  Also, yesterday I had 2 program lock-ups.

Another item: when I reset and then go File/Printer-Page Setup, set the paper size I got a "you have margins in place that don't work with your paper size...do you want to check it out?".   Where is that - how do I get that margin dialogue?   In Full Page Editor/Print Location I'm not able to change those margins....they just keep going back to default numbers.  I thought crop was On....just set paper size, margin size & QU will crop (size the image)?   I just need to learn in Qimage who's the dog and who's the tail....which parameters precede or prevent other settings.   A program architecture flow diagram could list, locate, and to a degree, indicate hierarchy of features and tools.

Fred and fellow forum helpers,  thanks a lot.    Without a publisher's thorough instruction manual and/or copious aftermarket literature, your willingness to help is huge!


33  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Re: Printing with equal margins on: January 05, 2011, 11:58:25 PM
Thanks for the quick replies, gentlemen!

I started with Terry's #1,2 & 3:  check, check, check - all  systems O.K..  On to Fred's setup - replicated his settings.  Tilt on all counts.

There is a brain cramp here!!!  Where is it?  PS, Epson 2200 & 2400,  Gordo, or Qimage?  To troubleshoot I checked:  image from PS-CS3 (1260x900 @ 240ppi  - 3.75x5.25  8 bits/channel, .tif).   In QU: Epson 2200/ paper size tab:  5.5x8.5 1/2 letter - portrait (I used a stock size  (1/2 letter rather than my earlier 5.5x8 custom size - to minimize possible driver variables).  Page Layout tab: nothing checked (should I check "Minimize Margins"?).

In Qimage/Preview Page:  Page: it starts out at 5.251 x7.819 (720x720).  When I drag the thumbnail the Page: changes to 5.241??
Print Properties/Custom/"Enter Specific Size" (5.25x3.75),  Cropping "On".
Edit Page: 1260x900, Cropping tab: 5.24x3.75.  Size/Loc. tab: Actual Print Size: 5.24x3.75.  Print Location: .13-T, .13-L, .13-R, 4.62-B.   Prints come out: .12-L, .16-R, .13-T, & 4.615-B    UGH!!!  Also tried same on Epson 2400.
How do I do a screen shot in Qimage?

Thanks again,
34  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Printing with equal margins on: January 05, 2011, 05:41:55 AM
In printing greeting cards I'm having difficulty getting equal 1/8" (.125) margins.  Paper stock is 5.5" wide x 8.0" high (portrait).  The image is 5.25" wide x 3.75" high, landscape (.tif @240ppi) to be located at the top of the stock - therefore 1/8" margins on top, left & right. The stock is then folded in half at the 4" point, giving a 1/8" margin at the bottom of the image as well.

I'm getting a right margin that is too fat and the image is not printing a full 5.25"  Why?  It is printing an exact 3.75" height.   If it would print the exact 5.25 width, then the R margin would be perfect. 

If there is no remedy (something I'm not setting properly or an Epson 2400, 2200, or 3800 quirk, how does one nudge the image in very small increments to eliminate skinny or fat margins.   I think a $4. card ought to have equal margins.... and hopefully a $5. image   :-)



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