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1  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / new Photoshop/Lightroom plugin for Qimage Ultimate installation question on: April 13, 2017, 09:02:07 PM
I just extended my registration for Qimage Ultimate and purchased the plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom. After installing the latest version of Qimage and the plugins, I watched the Youtube video to see how it works. Then I opened Photoshop and later, Lightroom, to try it out.

It works fine from Photoshop.

When I try running the plugin from my Lightroom (CC 2015.10) it doesn't seem to be recognized or installed. When I pick 'File>Plug In Extras', Qimage Ultimate is not on the list.

Where can I find instructions for proper installation for Lightroom?

update: a short time after posting this, Mike responded to my earlier email inquiry with this response:

The plugin has to be activated in Lightroom.  The instructions on doing that display near the end of the install but to save you having to re-run the installation to see that, here are the
instructions on how to add plugin-extras in Lightroom:

1) Launch Adobe Lightroom.
2) Click on the "File" menu and select "Plug-in Manager".
3) Click on the "Add" button.
4) From the browse for folder dialog select the Plugins\QUExport.lrdevplugin under your
    Qimage Application Data folder.  Below is a typical default folder location:
4a) If Explorer is not set to show hidden folders and you don't see ProgramData, you can type (for example) C:\ProgramData and press enter and go from there.
5) Click the "Select Folder" button.
6) Click the "Done" button.
2  Mike's Software / Qimage Ultimate / Exporting RAW from Lightroom v6 with adjustments on: October 21, 2015, 08:00:37 PM
Is it possible to export a RAW file from Lightroom into QImage WITH the Lightroom adjustments? I like to use Lightroom to organize my photos and have grown to really like the develop features. I find the editing features in Lightroom a lot easier to use than in QImage. However, I still prefer QImage's printing capabilities over Lightroom. It would be great if there was a QImage printing plug-in for Lightroom..

I don't print the majority of my photos, so I'm not a heavy QImage Ultimate user. Also, I just recently upgraded to a nice DSLR (Canon 7D) so am a recent convert to Lightroom processing with RAW files. I do appreciate the advanced editing capabilities of QImage (specifically DFS sharpening) and would like to utilize some of these features, but only after making initial adjustments in Lightroom.

Anyhow, I specified qimage.exe as an external program and added QImage to my export process. I can choose from two different RAW formats - DNG or CR2 (this is the Canon RAW format from my camera and is used when the file export format is set to 'Original'). When I use 'Original' I get both the CR2 file and the XML file with the edit data. QImage doesn't recognize the XML file, so the adjustments are lost. If I select DNG, I don't get the XML file.

So is the only way to use both Lightroom and QImage in my workflow and retain the Lightroom adjustments, to export to a non-RAW format like JPG or TIFF?
3  Technical Discussions / Printer Media / Profiles for Epson Stylus Photo R2400 on: July 12, 2015, 10:12:17 PM
I am trying to set up Qimage Ultimate (v2016) with the correct printer profiles for my Epson Stylus Photo R2400. I followed the instructions from the support video for setting printer/paper profiles. I went to Epson's website and downloaded and installed all the profiles I could find for my printer, including "epson12367_r2400_icc_profiles_fine_art" and "epson12368_r2400_icc_profiles_glossy".

I am using Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper and Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy. For the Velvet Fine Art paper the printer properties are set to:

paper = Velvet Fine Art Paper
quality = Best Photo

After picking the advanced button, I made sure Color Management is set to ICM and the color adjustment is OFF.
Under the Job Properties sections, I have the Prtr ICC set to 'SPR2400 VelvtFnArt BstPhoto.icc'.

I noticed there are 2 other similar profiles - 'SPR2400 Velvet Fine Art.icc' and 'SPR2400 Velvet Fine Art_PK.icc'.

Are the other 2 profiles for the lower quality "Photo" setting, instead of "Best Photo"?
Is the"_PK" for the photo black ink, instead of the matte black ink?

I also have a couple questions about using the Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy. With the Epson Stylus Photo R2400, the Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy is not listed as one of the paper types in printer setup (Ultra Premium Presentation Matte and Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster are listed). The instructions in the box for the Ultra 'Glossy' says if it is not listed, use "Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper', or if that is not listed use 'Premium Glossy Photo Paper'. 'Premium Glossy Photo Paper' is my only option.

Does anyone know why Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy is not listed for the Epson Stylus Photo R2400?
Is the profile 'SPR2400 PremFlsy BstPhoto.icc' my best choice for printer profile with this paper?

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