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September 25, 2020, 01:18:15 AM *
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 on: September 24, 2020, 01:02:07 AM 
Started by QUser - Last post by QUser
Thanks Mike for the clarification. I figured it was something I was overlooking.

Yeah, I've already created several layouts for different size papers during the trial period.

Thanks again for your timely response and for a great product.

 on: September 23, 2020, 10:32:42 PM 
Started by QUser - Last post by admin
The distinction is between 8x10 "page" and 8x10 "paper".  To get an 8x10 page on 8x10 paper, you would have to print borderless because the layout you chose requires 8x10 printable area (called the "page" size).  So the reason it works on 8.5 x 11 is that your printer has at least 8x10 printable area (or an 8x10 "page" size) on that 8.5 x 11 paper.  Note that you could always create your own layout for the 8x10 paper: Qimage Ultimate allows you to create those layouts on any size paper and save/resuse them.


 on: September 23, 2020, 09:16:42 PM 
Started by QUser - Last post by QUser
Hello Everyone,

I'm finishing up my trial on both Qimage One and Qimage Ultimate. I'm definitely going to purchase one of them, just trying to decide which one.  I do all of my editing in Photoshop and Lightroom, so Qimage One fits my needs very well, but I may go with Qimage Ultimate with the few extras it has.

During the trial, I noticed something in Qimage Ultimate I wanted to ask about to see if I'm misreading something. When I click on the PRINTS tab, CUSTOM, then the LAYOUT selection, I get a warning in RED that says "Warning: Standard sets are for 8x10 page". I looked at my media selection, and sure enough, I had a 4x6 selected.  I changed it to a 8x10 (I have some extra 8x10 sheets I'd like to use), but when I went back to the LAYOUT selection, I got the same RED warning. I clicked "OK" anyways, but when I tried to select a pre-existing layout, it wouldn't work. So, I thought, ok let me change it to 8.5x11 paper/media.  That worked, no warning, and the layouts appeared on the screen.

Was just wondering, should the warning about "8x10" actually say "8.5x11"?  I might've missed something somewhere or not interpreting what I was seeing correctly.  I've searched the forum for topics/answers, but couldn't find anything.  So, if I've overlooked or missed something, my sincere apologies.  Just point me in the right direction.  Thanks....

 on: September 21, 2020, 01:39:38 PM 
Started by rmcx - Last post by rmcx
Ok, thanks.

 on: September 21, 2020, 08:52:45 AM 
Started by rmcx - Last post by BrianPrice
The correct way is to re-calibrate the monitor at a lower brightness (luminance) setting. It will take a little trial and error to find the right setting.

Brian P

 on: September 21, 2020, 03:37:56 AM 
Started by rmcx - Last post by rmcx
Another question here:  I've calibrated the monitor and the printer and all the colors are very good.  But, as expected, the print is somewhat duller than the monitor.

Which do you suggest:  Dimming the monitor to match the paper or adjusting the printer settings to try to match the monitor?


 on: September 18, 2020, 10:31:39 PM 
Started by admin - Last post by admin
hi mike, i think a while back you said, you will add the HEIF format to qimage, but as of 121, it still can not see it.

We were discussing HEIC at that time which has been supported for quite a few versions.  HEIF, while similar, is a different format and is not supported by the imaging tools I use.


 on: September 18, 2020, 08:23:57 PM 
Started by admin - Last post by msadat
hi mike, i think a while back you said, you will add the HEIF format to qimage, but as of 121, it still can not see it.

 on: September 17, 2020, 05:47:22 PM 
Started by admin - Last post by admin
We got this corrected via email.  The email on your order was completely different than what we had on file, as were the name and mailing address.  Had no idea who you were until I emailed you.


 on: September 17, 2020, 04:09:32 PM 
Started by admin - Last post by gambler0
forget to say that i use same email address and not change anything

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