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False positives from anti-virus software?

Some anti-malware software such as Norton Antivirus, Webroot/Prevx, and Avast are known to produce "potential malicious software" or "potentially unwanted application" false positives when installing some versions of Qimage Ultimate.  These applications use "reputation" and "software behavior" heuristics that may flag software as malicious because the software (version) is too new to have an online malware "reputation" or because they interpret certain sections of code (such as multithreading) as "suspicious".  We verify each version of our software to be sure that it is malware free.  Unlike some installations found online, we don't try to sneak in add-ons upon installation that you have to un-check to prevent changes such as modifying your browser's search engine or homepage, and so on.  When you install our software, you know that it is malware free and will not try to install unwanted software for the purpose of advertising.  Our software is digitally signed so you know when it came from our website and is a valid installation!

Since false positives are just as dangerous as false negatives because they reduce your ability to detect truly malicious software, we normally recommend software such as NOD32 that has fewer problems with false positives.  If you got your Qimage Ultimate software from our website, you can be sure it is malware free, but if your AV software is reporting a false positive and your copy came from our website, we suggest using these helpful links to report the false positive to your AV software developer:


Helpful links for AV false positives:

Report a Norton AV false positive

Report a Webroot/Prevx false positive

Report an Avast false positive

Restore the Qimage Ultimate install from Norton AV quarantine



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