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Is there a trial version that I can try before I buy? Sure.  Check out our 14 day trial!
I'm a registered user and I'd like the latest version Upgrades are sent by instant email: the email contains the download link and password.  You can request the latest version by entering your email on this form, or you can open your registered copy of Qimage Ultimate and click "Help", "About" and then click the "Upgrade" button: the email for the latest version is sent automatically.
I get "not found in database" when I try to upgrade If you bought Qimage Ultimate but you get the message "not found in database" or "registration expired", you either entered the wrong email or your registration has expired (it has been more than a year since you purchased).  If your registration has expired, you can click here to renew for another year of upgrades at $19.99.
I'm registered but I need to change my email address Click here to change your email address so your upgrades go to the proper email.
Are there any instructional videos available? Yes.  The Video Learning Center has many short instructional how-to videos.
Is there an online version of the help? Sure.  The online help is located here.
Is there a PDF version of the help file? Yes.  The PDF version of the help is located here.
My anti-virus claims there is a virus in Qimage Ultimate It's a false positive!  Click here if your anti-virus software reports Qimage Ultimate as "malicious" or "potentially unwanted".
I have a question and need to talk to someone We offer excellent software support via email.  Simply send us a support email and you'll get a response directly from the program author!  You will normally receive a response within 12-24 hours.
Is there a forum where I can post/browse questions? Check Mike Chaney's Tech Corner for forums related to Qimage.  This is a great place to get support and submit ideas for future versions.
What are the system requirements for Qimage Ultimate? Qimage Ultimate will run on any Windows based 32 or 64 bit system running Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10, or Win11.  But don't take our word for it: download the 14 day trial and give it a spin!  We no longer support Windows XP: the last version that supported XP was 2022.114 which is available upon request after purchase (no demo available).
Do you offer a Mac version of Qimage Ultimate? We do not currently have plans for a Mac version.  If you like, you can download the 14 day trial and give it a try under Fusion or Parallels on your Mac.
Does Qimage Ultimate support raw photos? Qimage can handle raw formats from most digital cameras.  To see if your camera is supported, check the bottom of this page.
FAQ Please scoll down to our FAQ for detailed answers to other common questions.



Q: So a full year of unlimited upgrades is included: can I really get all upgrades for just $19.99/yr after that?

A: When you register Qimage Ultimate, you get access to all upgrades free for the first year.  After the first year, additional yearly upgrades may be purchased for $19.99.  Our $19.99 is treated as a "membership" to access the upgrade/download area for a full year.  That means the fees are not additive: if you choose not to upgrade for 3 years, you can still pay $19.99 and get a year of access to upgrades from that point.  You never have to pay more to "catch up"!  Note, however, that since the one year membership is treated as an extended download service where you can access all upgrades during that time, it is your responsibility to download the upgrades while your registration (membership to the download area) is still active: you decide what you need.  Information about the latest upgrades is always displayed on the top menu bar when you open Qimage Ultimate.  We do not send retroactive updates for users who no longer have access to downloads so please update and make a backup of what you need while your registration is still active and you still have access to the downloads.

Q: What happens when my registration expires?

A: Your registration that includes a membership to download new versions expires after one year and can be renewed (for an additional year w/each renewal) for $19.99.  This renewal allows you another full year of upgrades including major releases such as the "new-year" editions!  Note that while your registration and your ability to download updates expires, the version you are using will never expire or quit working.  You may use whatever version you have for as long as you like, and only renew your registration when you see new features that you want/need.  This means you will never have to pay exorbitant fees to upgrade because your version is "too old", but you must back up your software to ensure you retain a copy: we cannot expend the resources for each customer to look up your expiration date, find the version that was online when it expired, and send that old version to a customer with an expired registration.  It is your responsibility to back up your software.  In the event you lose the software and need to download it again, you will need to renew your registration in order to do so.

Q: Could you compare the new Qimage Ultimate upgrade policy with the (now retired) Lite, Pro, and Studio Editions?

A: We want Qimage Ultimate to have a sustainable future and fast paced development.  We can't do that with free lifetime upgrades but we can do it cost effectively.  With Qimage Ultimate, you get a full year of upgrades, and there will be many of them as we are on a fast track to many new innovations.  After the first year (from the date of purchase), getting another full year of upgrades is just $19.99.  Bottom line: you get a free year of upgrades and then you can obtain any and all upgrades for the nominal fee of $19.99/yr.  That fee is considered a "membership" to download upgrades for a full year: it is not additive so you can come back after 3 years and just pay $19.99 to get a full year of upgrades starting from that date.  And no, we don't "rent" software: the registered software is yours to use for as long as you like and will never stop working because you "ran out of time".  After your initial purchase, simply pay the $19.99 any time after your year runs out to get another year of upgrades!  The fact that Qimage Ultimate is truly new software in addition to the nominal upgrade fee is allowing us to move forward with new innovations in Qimage Ultimate much faster than ever before!  Of course, we need your support for that, and we thank you for considering Qimage Ultimate!

Q: Why has Qimage been "split"?

A: Actually, it hasn't been split.  Qimage Ultimate is a brand new product developed by a new company, ddisoftware, Inc., with more staff including multiple software engineers, Mike still being the lead software engineer.  Qimage Ultimate is a new product that has been largely redesigned with a completely new user interface, image databasing, industry leading halo-free deep focus sharpening, new print interpolation methods, new raw tools, and much more.  Qimage Ultimate leads the photographic printing industry in 2014 and beyond and as such, should not be compared to the old (now discontinued) Lite, Pro, and Studio editions.  The older editions could be supported with free lifetime upgrades by Mike (the one man show that was the old Digital Domain Inc., founded in 1998) but by 2010, Mike had reached the limit of what he could do on his own (and for free).  To move past 2010 and continue to lead the way in photographic printing, we now offer a new product in Qimage Ultimate that still offers the ultimate in photographic printing while leading the industry in support and value.  Yes, Mike Chaney is still the owner of ddisoftware, Inc. and is the lead for the project and he is still the one who will respond to your questions and suggestions!  Being able to talk to the developers is how we've become the leader in photographic printing software and how we can bring you the bold new product that is Qimage Ultimate.

Q: Where is the old Qimage?

A: Qimage (Lite, Pro, and Studio) have now been discontinued.  You cannot purchase the old Lite, Pro, or Studio editions but we still offer limited support such as answering questions via email.  If you are looking to restore an old copy, the final (2010) version of Lite, Pro, and Studio can still be downloaded here.

Q: What's the bottom line?  Do I need Qimage Ultimate?

A: Honestly, it depends on how you use Qimage.  If you are just a casual user who uses Qimage infrequently and you don't need all the latest quality improvements (such as the more accurate color management engine and halo free DFS sharpening) or new features (like image databasing, tone targeted sharpening or raw HDR) or access to the latest camera raw formats, you may be happy with the Lite, Pro, or Studio edition you are using.  As the discontinued editions are now nearly 4 years old, however, it might be time to consider moving over to Qimage Ultimate.

Q: Can I get a discount on Qimage Ultimate as an existing Qimage user?

A: Now that Lite, Pro, and Studio are discontinued and we want our customers to be able to utilize the latest photo printing technology, we do periodically offer special upgrade pricing for owners of the discontinued Lite, Pro, and Studio editions.  To see if you qualify for any current offers, just send us an email.  Qimage Ultimate is already priced even more competitively than Lite, Pro, and Studio but we'll make sure you get the best price on the planet!

Q: Can I install Qimage Ultimate to try it without it affecting my existing Qimage?

A: Yes!  We've designed the install such that Qimage Ultimate installs as what it really is: a new program.  If you are running Qimage, Qimage Ultimate will pick up all your existing Qimage settings but it will appear as a new icon called "Qimage Ultimate" on your desktop and in your Windows program group.  Even if you decide to uninstall Qimage Ultimate (either the demo or full version), you can do so without affecting Qimage Lite, Pro, or Studio.

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