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Category Date Added Level Title Length Video Link Description
The Basics            


Feb 8, 2023 Beginner Getting Started 18 min 1080p video Everything you need to know to get you started in under 20 minutes.

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Dec 20, 2023 Beginner AI Copilot 12 min 1080p video See how AI Copilot works to ensure your photos print as expected with no surprises!


Feb 13, 2023 Beginner Say NO to Borderless Printing 21 min 1080p video Everything you didn't want to know about borderless printing... but you should!


Dec 15, 2022 Beginner You only need to review settings one time for each of your papers! 15 min 1080p video Driver AI works great for ensuring proper settings for each of your papers but you really only need to set them up once per media type!  See how to properly manage settings for all your papers!


Nov 29, 2022 Beginner Get tips on cutting, arranging, and mounting multi-panel prints 19 min 1080p video You've printed a multi panel print per the video below.  Now what is the best way to cut and arrange panels if making a seamless poster?


Nov 23, 2022 Beginner Fully customizable multi panel printing feature 16 min 1080p video Introducing multi panel printing: print composite posters larger than your printer supports, canvas panels, and more!


Jan 29, 2022 Beginner Powerful File (EXIF) Search Tool 8 min 1080p video Learn how to search photos by date, camera model, lens, and other info!


Oct 7, 2021 Beginner All New Page Editor 11 min 1080p video Introducing the powerful all new Full Page Editor.  Get creative with your photo printing jobs!


Apr 27, 2020 Beginner Exclusive auto rendering intent feature 9 min 1080p video No need to decide between perceptual and relative colorimetric rendering intents when using a printer profile: let Qimage decide on a per-print basis automatically.


Sep 17, 2019 Beginner New features in Qimage Ultimate 2020 6 min 1080p video See new features in Qimage Ultimate 2020 that make the automated job log even more useful.


Nov 18, 2019 Beginner New custom layout features 10 min 1080p video Explore new features that make creating, saving, and using custom layouts and picture packages easier.


Jan 31, 2019 Beginner Auto roll length for
wide format printers
11 min 1080p video Let Qimage handle paper length when printing on roll paper and never fuss with trying to find the right paper length again!


Apr 10, 2018 Beginner New/improved
Purge Sheets
16 min 1080p video See how to clear minor clogs without cleaning cycles and schedule unclog jobs (purge sheets) to print unattended to one or more printers.


Apr 10, 2017 Beginner PS/LR/Elements
5 min 1080p video Learn how to print using Qimage Ultimate from Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements.
  Jan 27, 2011 Beginner Paper Size and Printable Area 10 min 720p video Take the mystery out of paper size, printable area, borderless printing, borderless size expansion, and more.
  Mar 12, 2014 Featured Feature Roundup 8 min 1080p video We round up the newest features for 2014 and answer the question: "what have you done for me lately?" in this fun non-narrative music video.
  Apr 4, 2014 Beginner Photo Mats 5 min 1080p video Learn how to use the photo mat feature to create nested uneven borders or just simple photo mats.
  Mar 11, 2014 Beginner Uneven Borders 3 min 1080p video See how to use the new colored template feature to make uneven borders and more!
  Nov 15, 2013 Beginner Image Databasing 15 min 1080p video See a demonstration on how to add user descriptions to folders or photos and how to easily search and find photos!
  Jan 19, 2015 Beginner Database Tools 16 min 1080p video Learn how to sync data, create archives, and search/find photos on archival media.
  Feb 6, 2014 Beginner On Deck 9 min 1080p video See how to use the On Deck area to manage photos of interest or defer processing or printing to a later date.
  Sep 3, 2014 Beginner Hot Folders 17 min 1080p video Print through Qimage Ultimate using any device on your network including Macs, smartphones, etc. with just one PC running Qimage Ultimate.


May 29, 2013 Beginner Online, Store, or Kiosk Printing 10 min 720p video See how easy it is to prep photos for online (or local store) printing and why you need Qimage Ultimate for this task!
  Feb 21, 2011 Beginner Sizing on the Fly 8 min 720p video See which method of print sizing works best for you.
  Feb 11, 2011 Beginner Shortcuts and Helpful Tips 9 min 720p video Shortcuts and tips for common tasks in Qimage Ultimate.


Oct 17, 2012 Beginner Deep Focus Sharpening 9 min 1080p video See Deep Focus Sharpening (DFS) in action and compare to the old USM.  1080p video recommended for clarity.
  Feb 21, 2011 Beginner Helpful Tips II 10 min 720p video More helpful tips including print sorting and slide shows.
  Jan 24, 2011 Beginner Using the Help System 8 min 720p video Learn how to efficiently navigate Qimage Ultimate's comprehensive help documentation and diagnostics.
  Jan 15, 2011 Beginner From Camera to Print 8 min 720p video Transfer photos from your camera to your computer, review photos for "keepers", and print, all in one simple video!
  Mar 10, 2011 Beginner Xfer Files and Sync Folders 12 min 720p video Learn how to use the Flash Card Copy/Move tool to transfer photos and keep backup locations up to date.
  Jan 22, 2011 Beginner The Power of Thumbs Pt. 1 8 min 720p video Powerful features available on the main thumbnail display: select images, rate, sort, review for focus, and more.
  Jan 24, 2011 Beginner The Power of Thumbs Pt. 2 11 min 720p video Continue to explore features available on the thumbnail right click menu: predefined filters, cutouts, albums, and more.
  Jan 31, 2011 Beginner Online Printing 16 min 720p video Get much higher quality prints from your online printing service by preparing photos with Qimage Ultimate.
  Feb 11, 2011 Beginner Final Print Sharpening 6 min 720p video Final print sharpening (AKA smart sharpening) explained.
  Jan 14, 2011 Intermediate Centering Prints on the Page 6 min 720p video See how the off-center printable area of your printer can affect the centering of prints on the physical paper.
  Jan 11, 2011 Intermediate Aspect Ratios and Cropping 8 min 720p video The two methods of cropping (print cropping and image cropping) and how they affect printing and print sizes.
  Jan 12, 2011 Intermediate Print Drivers & ICC Profiles 11 min 720p video How to set up your printer driver (and Qimage Ultimate) for using printer/paper profiles and how to save/recall them.
  Jan 13, 2011 Intermediate Saving Jobs and Sessions 9 min 720p video How (and when) to save jobs and sessions in Qimage Ultimate and the differences between them.
Raw Photography            
  Jan 13, 2011 Beginner Lightning Raw 6 min 720p video The different phases of raw development and what to expect when working with raw photos in Qimage Ultimate.
  May 6, 2011 Beginner Auto Fill Light 13 min 720p video See how auto fill light can make hands-free raw photo developing a reality.

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Jun 9, 2018 Intermediate Raw Refine 10 min 720p video Qimage Ultimate's auto raw developing technology and how to refine exposure, use fill light and add HDR when needed.
Image Editing            
  Jan 28, 2011 Beginner General Image Editing 12 min 720p video Intro to the Qimage Ultimate image editor including fill light, levels, red eye, blemish removal, and more.
  Mar 21, 2011 Beginner White Balance: Raw & JPEG 13 min 720p video Learn several different methods of dealing with white balance for both raw and JPEG photos.
  May 4, 2011 Beginner Mirroring your Images 5 min 720p video A fun exercise showing how to mirror images for effect, for printing tee shirt transfers, etc.
  Jan 13, 2011 Intermediate Red Eye and Blemishes 4 min 720p video Learn how to quickly remove red eye and skin blemishes with a single swipe of the mouse.
  Jan 10, 2011 Intermediate Tone Targeted Sharpening 6 min 720p video Creative sharpening with Qimage Ultimate's tone targeted sharpening.
  Jan 26, 2011 Advanced Selective Color Changes 10 min 720p video Make selective color corrections or get creative and turn your gray skies blue with the power of the sel. color filter.
Creative Printing            
  Jan 19, 2011 Beginner Creating Custom Layouts 8 min 720p video See how easy it is to create, save, and use your own custom page layouts that contain custom print placement/sizing.
  Mar 30, 2011 Beginner 3D Photos 10 min 720p video Learn how to view, crop, and print MPO format 3D photos from your 3D camera.
  Jan 12, 2011 Intermediate Adding Print Borders 9 min 720p video All about adding single or multiple borders around your prints including colored borders and mirrored canvas wraps.
  Jan 11, 2011 Intermediate Precision Print Alignment 6 min 720p video Learn how to position prints precisely on the full page editor by exact location or by using "bump align".
  Jan 12, 2011 Advanced Making Photo Cards 8 min 720p video Photo greeting cards are all the rage now.  Learn how to easily make custom designed photo cards for any occasion.
Special Functions            
  Jan 23, 2011 Beginner Email & Downsize Photos 10 min 720p video Learn how to easily email photos or create web size copies in batch.
  Jan 31, 2011 Beginner Common Questions 1 12 min 720p video Some common questions: printing exact sizes, three 4x6 prints on a page, finding a prior print job, borderless 4x6 prints.
  Jan 31, 2011 Beginner Common Questions 2 8 min 720p video More common questions fielded: downsampling and resolution, emailing original photos, "sticky" print crops.
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