Current version: v2024.101 released: Dec 20, 2023

Our commitment to quality:

Qimage Ultimate is state-of-the-art photo printing software, engineered to deliver the highest quality prints every time. With advanced interpolation technology and proprietary sharpening algorithms, our software ensures that your photos are sharp, crisp, and vibrant. Plus, our commitment to print quality means that you can trust our software to deliver prints that are true to the original. Whether you're a professional photographer looking for high-quality prints or simply want to print your favorite memories, our software is the perfect solution. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

Qimage Ultimate photographic print quality:

Many people are not aware of the complexity of the photographic printing process.  To get optimal quality, you must ensure that the final print is sharpened and color managed properly.  Did you know that a different level of sharpening needs to be applied to a 5x7 print than the same photo printed at 8x10?  Qimage Ultimate does!  Do you remember what printer driver settings and which ICC profile you used the last time you printed to your 8x10 borderless paper?  Qimage Ultimate does!  Can you stretch that 640 x 480 cell phone pic to 5x7 or even 8x10 and get a decent print?  Qimage Ultimate can!  Your prints are a "permanent" record of your photography.  Don't leave it to chance: leave it to Qimage Ultimate and always get the best prints possible!

Print quality from photo editors, image database tools, and your online store:

To photo editors, image database tools, and even online printing services, printing is an afterthought.  They were not designed with efficiency or quality in mind because those attributes are deferred to the user (you).  If you notice that your 4x6 prints look sharper than 5x7 prints of the same photos, the other tools just fall back on the excuse "it's your fault: you could have sharpened more".  If you can't stretch that cell phone pic to 5x7, you hear "you can buy XYZ resampling plugin".  But do you know what the relationship is between image resolution and final print size, and how to resample to your printer driver's native resolution?  Do you want to pay more than the cost of Qimage Ultimate to get a plugin that you have to apply manually each time just to try to match the results of Qimage Ultimate, a tool that has nearly a quarter century of experience optimizing print quality under every imaginable situation automatically, with no user intervention?  Let's not even discuss the hoops you'd have to jump through in your photo editor or image database tool should you wish to print a 5x7 and 4x6 on the same page, something that takes about 4 clicks in Qimage Ultimate!


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