Current version: v2024.102 released: May 17, 2024

Qimage Ultimate Workflow Screenshots

Qimage Ultimate is high quality photo print nesting software for PC/Windows
See below for suggested workflows when printing stand-alone, or printing directly from Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements


Directly from Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements

Open Qimage Ultimate

Open Photoshop/Lightroom and open/edit as many images as you like
In PS, select File, Automate, Qimage Ultimate (example below)
In LR, select File, Plug-In Extras, Qimage Ultimate

From PS, images in all open tabs are exported
From LR, all selected images are exported

Using the folder browser on the main window, browse to any folder with images

Qimage Ultimate opens automatically w/current export catalog selected

Select (check) the images to print from the selected folder (or export catalog if printing from PS/LR)
Then click the Print Properties button (indicated by yellow arrow bottom right below) to display print sizes

In the Print Properties dialog, click as many sizes as you like for the selected images
In this example, we click 8x10 and then 5x7 to print an 8x10 and 5x7 of the two images we selected above

Prints are optimized for quality and arranged automatically to fit as many as possible per page
Many print nesting options available, with the ability to go full-manual (click/drag)


The above shows a typical printing workflow.  Your printer, media type, media size, printer profile (optional), and driver options are set on the "Settings" tab on the main window.  You only need to make selections such as printer profile and driver options once per printer/media type: Qimage Ultimate stores your settings by printer/media type and will automatically recall all settings when that printer/media type is selected in the future.  Or, you can save/recall as many presets as you like and name them to be recalled at any time!

Once you initially set up your printer, media, and driver options, the above workflows are all that is required to produce beautifully arranged layouts at the highest print quality possible.

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