Current version: v2024.102 released: May 17, 2024
Qimage Ultimate innovations in digital imaging:

Qimage Ultimate opens new doors with cutting edge technology not found in any other software:

  "RIP-like" industry leading photo printing algorithms
  New Vanish tool removes distractions from photos
>>> New Deep Focus Sharpening: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
  Fusion interpolation: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
  Cutting Edge Color Management (ICC aware) Support
  Ability to optimize and properly format photos for online printing services
  Tone Targeted (Selective) Sharpening
  Comprehensive Raw Photo Support
  Single Raw HDR

Qimage Ultimate - Deep Focus Sharpening

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No, this image has not been "doctored" to exaggerate
how well the new DFS sharpening works!  The original,
(top) has simply had the same amount of sharpening
applied once with traditional unsharp mask (USM),
and once with deep focus sharpening (DFS).  The
same settings were used with both USM and DFS:
radius 10, strength 100.  Of course, you'd never think
of using that level of sharpening with USM (the above
illustrates why), but you can with deep focus sharpening!

Qimage Ultimate 2013 now employs a new method of sharpening called Deep Focus Sharpening (DFS).  Basically a replacement for USM, DFS can now be used in all areas of Qimage Ultimate from sharpening images in the the image editor all the way to smart sharpening for the final print.  Qimage Ultimate 2013 even uses DFS technology to improve the Fusion interpolation algorithm by being able to upsample without haloes.  What this means for you is super sharp, super high quality artifact-free prints with clarity and sharpness like never before!

We all use sharpening to make our digital photos look crystal clear.  In fact, even when you don't apply "extra" sharpening, your photos almost always get sharpened to some degree between the camera and the print.  When you take a photo, your camera applies some sharpening before it stores the image on the flash card.  Even if you take a raw photo, the software you are using to view or print the raw photos will typically apply sharpening when the raw image is decoded.  Then when you print the photo, the image should be sharpened again based on the image resolution and print size so that everything from small prints to poster size prints appear to have the same visual sharpness (exactly what Qimage's smart sharpening accomplishes for you automatically).

By far the most common sharpening technique is called Unsharp Mask (USM).  Unsharp mask increases the visual sharpness of edges by increasing local contrast along each edge.  Unfortunately, USM has an ugly side effect that becomes apparent when you start using heavier amounts of sharpening, as you might when printing a low resolution shot, cropped shot, or very large print.  In addition to printing, sometimes we use sharpening to correct issues with certain photographs: when we have a blurry or foggy photo, we want to use USM with a larger radius or strength but while the sharpness is improved, we've had to just live with the haloes produced by unsharp mask.

Now with Qimage Ultimate 2013, you can sharpen deep into the details and use radius and strength values that you would never consider with USM.  Deep Focus Sharpening (DFS) is a new sharpening method that can sharpen details to produce nearly halo-free results even at heavy amounts you would never think of trying with USM.  Below is another example with a more modest sharpening radius/strength.  The DFS result is halo-free and less noisy than the USM counterpart, showing just how far you can go without producing unsightly haloes and other sharpening artifacts.

As always, give Qimage Ultimate a try and see for yourself.

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