Current version: v2024.102 released: May 17, 2024
Qimage Ultimate innovations in digital imaging:

Qimage Ultimate opens new doors with cutting edge technology not found in any other software:

  "RIP-like" industry leading photo printing algorithms
  New Vanish tool removes distractions from photos
  New Deep Focus Sharpening: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
  Fusion interpolation: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
>>> Cutting Edge Color Management (ICC aware) Support
  Ability to optimize and properly format photos for online printing services
  Tone Targeted (Selective) Sharpening
  Comprehensive Raw Photo Support
  Single Raw HDR

Qimage Ultimate Color Management (ICC) Support

Qimage Ultimate offers an updated color management engine that supports the latest technology related to the use of ICC profiles.  Qimage Ultimate automatically recognizes tagged and embedded profiles in all supported image formats and supports all ICC profiles in every part of your workflow including monitor profiles, printer profiles, and color space (editing) profiles.  The color management engine in Qimage Ultimate is more advanced and more accurate than the color management engine used in the retired Lite, Pro, and Studio editions and it supports the very latest ICC profile formats including v2, v4, and up to the latest v4.2 ICC standards.

Simply put, if you want the highest level of quality and you use ICC profiles to ensure accurate color in your photos, Qimage Ultimate can handle the job easily!

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