Current version: v2024.102 released: May 17, 2024
Qimage Ultimate innovations in digital imaging:

Qimage Ultimate opens new doors with cutting edge technology not found in any other software:

  "RIP-like" industry leading photo printing algorithms
  New Vanish tool removes distractions from photos
  New Deep Focus Sharpening: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
  Fusion interpolation: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
  Cutting Edge Color Management (ICC aware) Support
>>> Ability to optimize and properly format photos for online printing services
  Tone Targeted (Selective) Sharpening
  Comprehensive Raw Photo Support
  Single Raw HDR

Don't print at home?  You still need Qimage Ultimate!

Sure, printing online or at a store can be cheap and convenient, but are you getting the most out of your prints when you send them to a service to be printed?  When talking to people who regularly use printing services to produce prints, we hear a lot of comments like "Well, the prints aren't great, but they are convenient and they're not too bad for 8 cents per 4x6".  Fortunately you don't have to settle for mediocre or sub-par print quality!  The machines that most printing services use are capable of good quality prints; you just need software that knows how to "talk" to them.  Qimage Ultimate can help you dramatically improve print quality when dealing with online (or store) printing services.  Let's take a look at the facts:

  • Printing services are geared for high speed, high volume printing to get you those incredible prices.

  • They don't have the resources to convert to proper color spaces, sharpen, and resample optimally.

  • Most printing services won't handle photos shot in Adobe RGB color space properly.

  • If you shoot raw, most printing services make you convert to another format before uploading.

  • What format and color space will you use when converting/editing?  Did you use the right one?

  • If you send the photo straight from the camera, does it have enough pixels?  Too many?

  • Was the proper amount of final print sharpening applied for the size you are requesting?

  • If you send photos that are 3:2 aspect ratio and request 5x7 prints, how will they crop them?

  • What if you need to remove red eye, crop out parts of the image, remove blemishes, etc.?

  • Are you sure you printed with exactly the same settings you used last time?

Qimage Ultimate answers all of the above issues with a powerful feature set designed to take the guesswork out of using online printing services.  You can set up jobs for different size photos and use/reuse those settings to make sure you are always getting optimal quality prints from your printing service every time with accurate color, appropriate sharpness and detail, and because your job is designed for the size prints you are requesting, you can see and adjust all crops and you'll know exactly what you are getting in advance!

This 16 minute video explains the entire process: 720p video or 480p video

Go to the Qimage Ultimate Video Learning Center to see more videos.

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