Current version: v2024.102 released: May 17, 2024
Qimage Ultimate innovations in digital imaging:

Qimage Ultimate opens new doors with cutting edge technology not found in any other software:

  "RIP-like" industry leading photo printing algorithms
  New Vanish tool removes distractions from photos
  New Deep Focus Sharpening: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
>>> Fusion interpolation: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
  Cutting Edge Color Management (ICC aware) Support
  Ability to optimize and properly format photos for online printing services
  Tone Targeted (Selective) Sharpening
  Comprehensive Raw Photo Support
  Single Raw HDR

Qimage Ultimate - Fusion Interpolation


Most "over the counter" interpolation methods like bicubic spline will work fine for small to medium size prints.  Fact is, if you have a 6 MP or larger image and you never print beyond 8x10 inches, you may not see (or need) more than the bicubic interpolation found in your image editor.  But what if you crop your image?  What if you want to print one photo at 24x36 inches or beyond?  For these more demanding tasks that require more extreme resampling, you need a "prescription strength" interpolation algorithm like the new Fusion interpolation found in Qimage Ultimate.  Only Qimage Ultimate offers interpolation of this quality and speed.

As always, give Qimage Ultimate a try and see for yourself.

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